Friday, March 24, 2017

Just When You Think Canadian Seal Hunts Couldn't Get Any Worse

Just when you think the horrific slaughter of seal in Canada couldn't get any worse, it somehow does. How could it be any worse, you ask? I read an article by Sheryl Fink from the Director of Canadian Wildlife Campaigns at the International Fund for Animal Welfare which just confirms my disgust in the human race. Canada has decided to start the senseless killing of innocent beings seal hunt early this year... during pup nursing season!

Imagine for one moment that you are a mama seal, protecting and nurturing your newborn, nursing and bonding with that child, then a spineless hunter slaughters you both. Even if they can distinguish between the genders and try to only target the males, which is almost impossible to do and trust me they don't care, imagine being that new family and the trauma that comes with other seals being slaughtered. This unimaginably cruel practice must be stopped. First let's voice our outrage on that fact that the very minute protection that wildlife does in fact have, is being ripped away from them. What's next, entire species of animals are just wiped off the earth? Not like that hasn't happened before right? Why are we going in the wrong direction? We should be protecting wildlife and moving away from barbaric acts and start living in the modern civilized times that evolution and technology has afforded us.

Please start by giving Sheryl's article a read. She explains why starting the hunt early is not only more cruel, it won't work for their purpose and it equates to senseless killing - so there's no point to this, Then, contact Canadian officials and Fisheries Minister Dominic Leblanc to voice your concern for the early hunt and this inhumane practice in general. Ask for the abolishment of Canadian seal hunting, once and for all.

Thank you for all your activism! We are winning this fight for equality for ALL.

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