Thursday, April 27, 2017

7 Fun Things To Do With Postum!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Postum gives you a lot of "bang for your buck" since it yields 75 servings per container! I have been drinking it regularly because it is delicious, but I wanted to find other uses for it too. So here are some recipe, beauty, and other fun ideas. Enjoy!

1. Postum Granola! Make your usual granola recipe but this time, sprinkle some Postum on it to season it! It gives the granola almost a caramelized flavor, which us vegans always appreciate.

2. Postum Beauty Mask! Mix a little Postum with some apple nectar and apply to face. If you don't mix the Postum in as much and leave some granules, you'll even get some light exfoliating action going on when you wash it off your face.

3. Postum Frosting! Add Postum to your frosting, icings and glazes to make your desserts extra special!

4. Postum Art Projects! Instead of using coffee grounds in your arts and crafts, why not use Postum in your DIY projects? Especially important to keep caffeine from coffee grounds away from children and pets, where Postum is safe for most - it is just wheat and molasses.

5. Postumpourri! Add some Postum to your homemade potpourri satchels; the smell of Postum is devine!

6. Postum Topping! Use Postum as a topping for ice cream or granola by taking a very tiny amount and sprinkling it over top. Yum!

7. Postum Baked Goods! By adding Postum to your baked goods, like muffins, pancakes or breads, you get to enjoy such a beautiful flavor. All of your family and friends will be begging you for the secret to your exciting new recipes!

You must really want to try Postum now, huh? You are in luck! I am hosting a Postum giveaway on twitter where you can win a Postum prize pack! There are still a couple more days to enter! Click here to get to the giveaway tweet, then:

That is it! Such an easy giveaway to enter, it literally takes only a few clicks that can be done right from the giveaway tweet! Voila!

Good luck!

This blog post was sponsored by Postum.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This Vegan Protein Shake IS GOOOOD!!!

So I got these cool vegan products in the mail from Elite Lifestyle Cuisine and I have to tell you about their vegan protein shake, which is amazing.

First of all, it is only 133 calories and 5g carbs per serving, which is awesome because depending on if I want to make it as a snack or meal replacement, I am adding either water or soy milk with banana, so this protein is perfect for my needs, whichever I'm choosing at the moment.

Super simple to use: just one scoop to 8 ounces of water (or vegan milk) and the scoop is included.

Impressive Amino Acid Profile here. I also love that the protein comes from pea, rice and pumpkin, which opens up this product to those who have soy allergies or sensitivity. Plus I like the taste, since the protein powder is a mixture of pea, rice and pumpkin protein, it is smooth and balanced and you don't get that funny aftertaste that can happen with other proteins that are just one main protein. Plus I really love balance. I'm not a fan of too much of one protein or thing in the diet, so the variety in this protein powder is really perfect actually.

I took a picture of this because when I opened up the container, the scoop was covered in powder and reminded me of a chocolate marshmallow or a marshmallow in cocoa powder and I giggled. Oh, the little things in life. Also, when you open this protein it smells SO FREAKING DELICIOUS! Smells like chocolate brownie or cake mix! I'm planning on using this in recipes too, like protein balls - how exciting!

The prepared protein shake is such a treat too! Amazing flavor and so versatile. I've already made it with banana, with spinach, with vanilla soy milk - all the different ways, it is super yummy! Probably one of my favorite protein shakes right now and I'm definitely enjoying this brand.

ELC also sent me their vegan multivitamin that is in a vegetarian capsule. 

Impressive nutritional breakdown for sure.

The capsule makes it easier to drink down than my regular multivitamin which is actually really difficult to take, but the ELC vitamin is required to be taken as 4 capsules per day and do that twice per day if you are in poor health. I'm more of a fan of a one-and-done vitamin, so I'm not sure if this is a product I'd try again. I felt the same taking it as when I'm taking other multivitamins or when I'm not taking one regularly. I would say it is worth a try if you are one that needs the ease of a vitamin that goes down super effortlessly, also if you are one who likes to break up your vitamin taking to spread it out throughout the day. I would love to do it that way if I had time, but with this product, I can see myself taking them all at once so I don't forget later because of how super busy my schedule is.

This protein powder is the winner, hands down, and I would definitely get this protein again and again. I love that it is 100% vegan, soy-free for those who care about that, gluten-free, sweetened with Stevia (awesome because I typically add sweetened vegan milk and ripe bananas) and non-GMO. There are protein powders on the market right now (I won't name names but I think you might know) that are awesome nutritionally and protein-wise, but are GMO or non-confirmed GMO-free, so the fact that ELC vegan protein powders are non-GMO is so important to me. This protein is also a whopping 21 grams of protein per serving, so you really can't ask for anything better than this stuff. I think the price is resonable and affordable, especially for those of you who are used to buying supplements and aware of their cost.

Loving this vegan chocolate protein, for reals. Big thank you to the folks at ELC for thinking of me and sending me your wonderful vegan products to try! 

And for now, The Dirty Vegan is signing off - I hope you enjoy lots of health food that tastes like junk-food today too! Muah!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Recipe: Iced Postum Whiskey & a Giveaway!

It was only a matter of time before I made a naughty Postum recipe. Oh yes, I created a Postum cocktail and it is absolutely scrumptious. In fact, this iced "coffee" inspired drink is so delicious and fun that it'll make you want to day drink. Responsibly of course, obviously.

You see, Postum is a beverage alternative to coffee but as I have demonstrated with my cookie recipe, it can be used in baking and so many other recipe types, now including cocktails. Welcome to Postum happy hour! At the end of this post I'll give you all the juicy giveaway details so you can enter to win a Postum prize pack too!

Iced Postum Whiskey
makes 1 drink

2 heaping teaspoons Postum (in Natural Coffee Flavor)
6 ounces hot water
1 teaspoon sugar
1 ounce whiskey
Soy creamer (to taste)
Dollop coconut whipped cream (optional)

Fill a glass with ice and set aside. In a separate mug, mix Postum and hot water (carefully), then dissolve sugar in. Allow to cool. Add whiskey. Pour drink into glass with ice and add creamer to taste. If desired, dollop with coconut or other vegan whipped cream of choice. Enjoy!

What I really love about this coffee-flavored whiskey drink is that you don't get the caffeine side effects that you would if you used coffee. Postum is perfect in coffee-flavored cocktails!

If you'd like to try Postum for yourself, be sure to enter to win a prize pack that will include both flavors and fancy iced cups so you will be prepared to make iced Postum this season! All you have to do to enter to win is RT my giveaway tweet - that's it! To be eligible to win, you must be following both myself and Postum on Twitter. The winner will be randomly chosen on Friday,  April 28th, 2017 and will be announced after that. Good luck!

This blog post was sponsored by Postum.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Random Post: Hair Dye?

I stopped dying my hair around 2010 and the last hair dye that I used was temporary and it washed out after however many showers. It was to bring my color back to brunette after highlights, even it all out. Since then, I've grown and donated my hair several times, at one point a couple years ago cutting my hair super short, in a real micro-bob.

I'm not opposed to hair dying whatsoever. I used to love changing my hair color, but I didn't like the way it made me feel after the excitement wore off. I didn't feel like myself anymore. It always felt like this sigh of relief whenever I was able to get that box of black hair dye and turn myself back into myself. I felt like "me" again. So that is why I stopped dying my hair. I probably will do it again someday, at some point. Probably will do it when I start to get gray hairs because I'm vain. Nothing wrong with gray hair, I think natural aging is beautiful and I admire it so much on others. Women with gray hair are beautiful and gorgeous in their age and salt and pepper haired men like John Slattery are sexy as hell, but for me I like being brunette, the way I was born. I'm sure that will change once I do get a gray hair or two because maybe at that time I will be ready for it, who knows.

Sometimes it looks like I have streaks of gray in my pictures where my shiny hair hits the light, but it is just lighting. I don't like it. My hair has gotten so shiny from my healthy vegan diet that I can skip hair conditioner sometimes after shampooing because my hair is rich with natural oil.

I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of a wig either. Imagine that? Never having to style your hair or throw it back in a messy bun (screaming to the world I AM LAZY TODAY). Then you can color your hair differently every single day with just the change of a wig. I feel like a Marilyn today... bam... blonde bombshell.

Ehh, I never looked good as a blonde. Oh yeah, I did the blonde thing before, believe it or not. It was 1999 and I was doing one of those blonde highlight with the holes in the cap and plastic pick things. It went terribly wrong because my thick hair wasn't going thru the holes properly and I panicked since I already had the hair bleach mixed up and sitting in the tray. I just slathered it all over my head then used a comb to kind of even it out. So it was like a frosted look. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. I could post the picture right here, but I'm not gonna. That was another one of those times where I truly felt myself again once I took hold of that brunette hair dye and made myself feel old-and-familiar again.

I have no idea what the point of this blog post is. What is the lesson here? I guess, do whatever it is that makes you happy. I don't judge and you shouldn't judge yourself or others either. If you like your hair a certain color, do it. If you want to change your hair color or style like the weather, go for it. If it makes you happy, how can it be bad? Don't worry about the haters or the judges; they aren't happy with themselves that is the only reason they are judging others.

And for now, The Dirty Vegan is signing off. I hope your day is super sunny and colorful! It's gloomy out here in New England right now, but I hope we all see rainbows today - no - double rainbows!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Testing Exciting New Vegan Products: Enjoy Life Foods!

This is such an exciting time for vegan food and I'm so grateful that companies send me care packages to try out the latest products. There are so many amazing new food items just recently released or that will be available very soon, and I am over-the-moon happy about this!

The latest Enjoy Life vegan stuff! Yay!!!

I wanted to talk about the latest three delicious and gluten-free Enjoy Life products added to their line of wonderful vegan offerings and allergy-friendly foods.

The red bag is the Dark Chocolate Regular Size Morsels, which I thought they always had but maybe these are new because they are 69% cacao. Anyways, these are for baking and other recipes but are so good straight from the bag! What?? I didn't eat the whole entire bag before getting a chance to use them for a recipe post. What? There's a recipe using these scrumptious chocolate morsels coming soon...maybe.

Then there's the brand new protein bites, ProBurst Bites that I'm most excited about! They are nut-free, made with sunseed butter (sunflower seed butter), they are completely natural, they pack a 6g of protein punch, but most importantly...they taste more like a dessert than a snack. I was expecting these to taste like the protein balls that I sometimes eat (you know when I'm in workout mode, occasionally) but they actually taste like the best chocolate truffles I've ever eaten! You get 5 servings per (resealable) bag, however that's 3 bites per serving and they are so rich and decadent that I can easily eat one or two and be satisfied. These are a great value and nutritional, but yummy, offering.

And last but certainly not least, the Muffin Mix with Ancient Grains. My favorite aspect of this muffin mix is that the mix has 5g of protein per serving developed with probiotics. I absolutely love when something like muffin mix isn't void of nutritional value. These muffins are coming in at only 170 calories each prepared muffin, and you can make about 10- 12 muffins per box, so if I am in workout mode (haha, yeah right) I won't feel guilty at all eating them...all...eating all the muffins. Damn, they are tasty muffins - don't judge me.

Big thank you to Enjoy Life Foods for sending these new products over to me to try. I am a big fan of this company and they really continue to make vegans lives so much easier with their delish and revolutionary products. Bravo!

Which of the latest Enjoy Life products are you most exciting to try out? 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Goodnight, Spiders Everywhere, Everyone

This. This to everyone, everywhere, in any and every situation. This.

I normally have a lot to say. In fact, it is hard to shut me up, most of the time. But for this post, I wanted to leave it at that, with powerful words that I found circulating the interweb, written by a poet named Rudy Francisco. Food for thought. Goodnight. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Homemade Vegan Chocolate Malt Candy Cookie Bites Recipe featuring Postum

I have been really enjoying my morning cup of Postum. I'm sure you guessed that from my Postum review, if you read it. I like to drink a variety of beverages, like many of us do, so I don't limit myself to just coffee or tea. I have added Postum to my daily beverage intake, just like I enjoy water and other drinks throughout the day. What has been perfect about drinking Postum, is that it is ideal for those mornings that I want the taste of coffee or a nice warm drink (and that distinct and comforting flavor of Postum), but don't want the caffeine. I would drink coffee all day if I could, but the caffeine often makes most of us feel jittery, for me even decaf can do that, so enjoying a Postum has been awesome lately! I'll have one in the morning or sometimes if I fancy a coffee first thing, I'll sip a nice cup of warm or iced Postum at night, without worrying that it'll keep me up for hours! I'm loving the Postum product so much that I thought to myself, what else can I do with it? The flavor is amazing and there are so many servings (a whopping 75!) per can. How about experimenting with some recipes?

I was sitting down with a cup of Postum and a book the other day, and was really stuck on what it had reminded me of, in that one sip, in that moment. Then it struck me! Remember those chocolate malt candies that you get at the movies or they came in a speckled candy coated Easter egg version at this time of year? Those types of candies have been off limits for us vegans but also for people who avoid overly processed foods and candy, and those who prefer to make their own sweets. After countless hours and testing in my kitchen, I perfected the recipe inspired by what I remember, what my childhood memories recall of those chocolate malt candies, but with a healthier twist and in the form of cookie bites! It was all possible because of this wonderful and versatile product, Postum. So here is the recipe! I hope you enjoy them! When you try this recipe, I'd love to see your pictures or hear what you think about it. Feel free to mention or tag me and Postum on Twitter!

Homemade Vegan Chocolate Malt Candy Cookie Bites Recipe featuring Postum
Makes 2 dozen cookies

Cookies Ingredients:

1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/8 cup Postum (or more for stronger malt flavor), I used Original (Roasted Wheat-bran Molasses) Flavor
1/8 teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 cup light brown sugar
1/4 cup vegan milk (use a little more if needed to achieve cookie dough consistency)
1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Chocolate Coating Ingredients:

1/2 cup vegan chocolate chips
2 tablespoons coconut oil

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with baking-safe parchment paper. In a mixing bowl, mix first five ingredients (dry ingredients) then add in vegan milk and vanilla extract. Drop small balls of dough, about one teaspoon in size, on parchment lined baking sheet, about one inch apart. Bake for 8- 10 minutes then remove from oven and allow cookies to cool. Place cookies in freezer for about 5 minutes. Melt chocolate chips and coconut oil together and blend well. Dip each cookie in chocolate to coat, then place on parchment paper. Freeze cookies for 30 minutes, or until coating is dry, to set then enjoy! Cookies can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Coming soon: a Postum prize pack giveaway!!! Keep an eye out for that in my next Postum post!

This blog post was sponsored by Postum.

The New Starbucks Vegan Menu Additions: My Thoughts

Perhaps you have heard the news. Vegans have demanded more cruelty-free food products at Starbucks and the coffee shop giant took notice and appropriate action. They have done an excellent job with the vegan milk variety, with most stores offering three types of non-dairy milk options, and now they are expanding their food menu to include more vegan-friendly offerings, with a focus on a new lunch item.

There's going to be a Mediterranean inspired lunch choice that has vegetables and riced cauliflower or something like that. Very fancy schmancy stuff.

You want to know what I think? I think it is great! A swell idea indeed. Want my prediction? It'll fail like the other vegan lunches they offered, on and off, for the past few years. They are too fancy for a coffee shop.

I (as well as many other vegan people that I talk with about topics like this) would be perfectly happy with packets of nut butter to go on bagels (like they used to have), packets of vegan butter to put on bagels or bread (like they should have - they are a coffee shop after all), or a vegan scone or muffin on the menu.

Why get so sophisticated with these jazzed-up menu items when adding some baked goods, sans eggs or dairy, would do just fine? Or how about a tofu and veggie sausage sandwich on an english muffin or bagel that can be enjoyed during breakfast or lunchtime? These heavy-on-the-vinegar vegetable dishes they keep introducing are okay, but they are just, okay. Veganizing one or more of their existing menu items would not only be cost effective to Starbucks, but would also satisfy their vegan customers so much more than their souped up salads.

I appreciate any vegan offerings that any eatery can offer us, but frankly it is long over due and also I think they have the wrong impression of who most vegans are. We aren't all healthy eaters, all the time, because let's face it, if we were we wouldn't even be drinking coffee. You know what I want to see? A vegan cake pop, for crying out loud. It isn't hard, Starbucks. It'll actually be cheaper to make than your existing cake pops and more shelf stable. I can create the recipe and send it to you if you'd like. Or just take something from my vegan cookbook and call it a day, if it will make you stop with these over-the-top veggie dishes that never go past a few months in existence.

I'm just saying, obviously I say this out of love and respect; I'm a Starbucks fan and get all my beverages from there made with soy milk. I am a longtime customer, I just think we can do better here, not just for the consumers but for your business too. I doubt if these new vegan dishes will last more than a year.

Do you want to eat salad and vegetables with your coffee? I don't.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Postum, the Cure for the Common Beverage

I'm sitting here enjoying my morning Postum. You're probably wondering what that is, aren't you? Postum is a delicious and delightful instant warm beverage made from wheat-bran and molasses that embodies coffee, without the jitters. Think about that. Many of us want to sip coffee or tea, that comforting warm beverage, all day long, but we can't due to the health disturbances we'd feel if we did so; we might get caffeine poison if we did that, who knows! But Postum is naturally caffeine-free!

 Let's talk a little about the Postum brand before we dive into the product. Postum is one of the world's first health foods, before the days of natural food stores and natural grocery. After switching hands from the Post cereal company and other larger companies, like General Foods and Kraft, the Postum product was sadly forgotten about until the fine folks at all-natural food company, Eliza's Quest Foods revived it! Back in 1895 C.W. Post created this "cereal beverage" and who would have known it would turn into a worldwide phenomenon? I think Mr. Post would be happy to know his product is back with a small family business who cares as much about the product and brand as he did. Postum is made in the USA and as it was from the start, focused on maintaining a quality natural foods product that is safe and healthy to enjoy. Let's talk about this product, I know you are all eager to know about it!

Like I said, I'm sitting here enjoying my cup of Postum. Upon my first Postum experience, I opened up the jar, which was filled to the brim, and my first reaction was to smell it. Oh, what an aroma! Sweet smelling and lightly roasted, almost caramel-like. I wanted to eat it - I'm going to be making plenty of recipes with it, so stay tuned for that! I noticed how much product you get in the jar and how you need very little to make a cup of Postum, only about 1- 2 teaspoons necessary per cup of boiling water, depending on how bold the flavor you'd like. There are about 75 servings per container, which is an amazing value. It lasts a long time, the expiration date is 2019, but I doubt anyone would be able to keep a jar in their cupboard that long without either drinking it or using it in recipes like baking or flavoring with it; I could never let this stuff go to waste.

When you add the granules to boiling water, they blend very well and look just like coffee. There is no grit when I make my Postum and it is completely smooth. I find that I can drink it black and it is very pleasant that way, no acidity or anything like that, but when I added my vanilla flavored soy creamer, it really kicked the experience up a notch. I can see myself drinking Postum black if I'm battling a cold because it has that comforting property to it, almost like how a broth or soup would, but when you add creamer it really is like any other warm beverage like coffee, tea or coffee alternatives. I really like the subtle malt taste, but it mainly tastes like coffee, especially the Natural Coffee Flavor offering, but the original is awesome too. Postum is very easy to enjoy. I'm hooked! And it is only 10 calories, 2 carbs and you get 1 gram of dietary fiber per serving. So you get a little energy from the carbs and adding on to your daily fiber intake is always a good thing. I also think it is a really neat thing to be able to sip this Postum and know that this is the same original recipe that C.W. Post created and sipped on himself. It feels very interesting and historic to be able to do something like that; not many companies have kept the same recipes from when the products were first created. This is from the Postum website:

"You’ll also like what’s NOT in Postum. There’s no caffeine to cause potential sleeplessness, high blood pressure or digestive problems. You won’t find any preservatives, sodium or genetically modified foods, either. Postum is proud to have earned the Non-GMO Project Verified seal from the Non-GMO Project.

By keeping to our original 1895 recipe, we’ve maintained a wholesome approach to coffee alternatives from a simpler time."

Also, for all of you history buffs and retro enthusiasts (like me!), check out this section of the wonderful Postum website (scroll to the bottom) that has nostalgic advertisements from the brand over the years. So cool!

Our days of caffeine overload and adrenal fatigue are over folks - we have a safe alternative right in the natural foods world! And it doesn't have to be one or the other. It doesn't have to be coffee vs. Postum. Think of Postum as another beverage to add to the beverages you like to enjoy. Maybe you've had too much coffee and like the coffee taste, but even another cup that's a decaf would overdo it. Enjoy a Postum. Maybe you are tired of the same boring and ordinary beverages and coffee-like products. Postum is the cure for the common beverage.

I'm really excited about this product and I'm so anxious to share recipes, giveaway some Postum prize packs to lucky readers, and dive more into the Postum world. Spoiler alert: I'm currently working on creating recipes (two special ones in particular) with Postum that are game-changers for vegans since they are foods that since turning vegan, are not available without animal products and Postum is the exact product I needed to achieve these dishes! You won't believe these recipes; coming up in one of the next posts, plus I still have so much to say about this amazing product, so stay tuned!

Also, make sure to check out Postum's social media. They share really fun pictures and recipes. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. I hope your day is warm and cozy like a mug of Postum.

This blog post was sponsored by Postum.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

How to Veganize the Starbucks Drink 'Medicine Ball'

If you haven't heard the news about the Starbucks secret menu, you may just live under a rock or something. Well, for all of you who do, in fact, live under said rocks, the secret menu is "off menu" stuff you can order and your barista knows what you are talking about 99.9% of the time. Secret menu items are really cool and fun. There's even a Razzle Dazzle frappuccino that you can order!

Practically any of Starbucks drinks can be veganized with only a few that are off limits to vegans. In fact, with the choice of soy milk, coconut milk or almond milk and lots of vegan-friendly syrups, being vegan at Starbucks is a breeze these days.

The latest secret menu item, the Medicine Ball, was so popular at the 'Bucks and is even rumored to cure the common cold, that Starbucks actually added it to their regular menu! One kink for us vegan folk, one of the ingredients isn't vegan. No fear! There's an alternative and I'm here to tell you how to veganize the drink with an easy substitution that Starbucks has right in store.

The Medicine Ball drink consists of:

  • half steamed lemonade
  • half hot water
  • one Teavana Jade Citrus Mint tea bag (ingredients: Chun Mee green tea, spearmint leaves, lemon verbena, lemongrass, natural flavoring)
  • one Teavanna Peach Tranquility tea bag (ingredients: apple pieces, candied pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar, citric acid), rose hip peels, chamomile flowers, natural flavor, peach pieces, citric acid, lemon verbena)
  • one packet of honey (<--- there's a substitute that is a million times better than this! Keep reading!)
  • one pump of peppermint (optional)
The reason people are saying it cures colds is likely from all the soothing properties like lemon, mint, lots of great natural healing ingredients in both teas and the soothing warm beverage aspect of things. I'm really into natural healing, plus let's face it, when you feel better, you'll get better! Here's how to veganize it:

When you order an oatmeal at Starbucks, the available toppings include packets of agave nectar, so all you have to do to veganize this soothing drink is to ask for the Medicine Ball with agave instead of honey! If you don't want agave, you can just opt of of honey, or you can even add a different sweetener like Stevia or raw sugar.

All Starbucks locations that serve oatmeal with toppings should have agave. This is from their website:

"With a breakfast this good, your day is bound to be amazing. Our reinvented oatmeal features a hearty blend of rolled and whole grain steel-cut oats and a shorter steep time. Enjoy yours with blueberries, a medley of fruit, nuts and seeds, and a sweet touch of agave syrup. Or try our new Classic Whole-Grain Oatmeal."

It might even be comforting to try this with steamed soy milk in place of one or both liquids. I get my teas soy misto and have been for about 12 years now, maybe even longer. So maybe doing a Medicine Ball with half soy misto and half hot water might be something to check out. I always love a soy misto tea when I'm needing a little piece of peace. This new Medicine Ball drink seems like it will be good for that and not just when you are feeling ill. 

I think it'll be a nice beverage to enjoy on a rainy day, reading a book, sitting in a cozy chair by the window while listening to the sounds of the rain. I personally would order a Medicine Ball Venti sized, whether you want that much or not, just so the drink isn't too strong in taste or concentrated. When I try this one, I would want that 10 ounces of hot water to kind of dilute the lemonade and 2 tea bags, which seems like a lot for, say, a Tall sized drink. It sounds like an interesting drink and I'm planning on giving it a try for sure. As soon as I do, I'll tweet about it, okay?

Tell me, will you be ordering a Medicine Ball any time soon?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Meet Zucchi Gourmet Olive Oils and Enter Their Giveaway!

When you get a package like this in the mail, you know it's your lucky day! Read on to find out how you can win all 4 flavors of this amazing olive oil!

Zucchi was so generous to send me all 4 flavors (100% Italiano, Extra Virgin, Sinfonia and Sweet & Fruity) of their gourmet olive oil and their book, The Art of Blending, that unveils the secrets of extra virgin olive oil and the special process of naturally blending and infusing flavors into the oil. At the end of the book there are a few recipes, and unfortunately they aren't all vegan-friendly, but luckily they are easy to veganize if I ever want to try any of them and the rest of the book is pretty much vegan-friendly, otherwise. Definitely an interesting and sophisticated book and a good read.

Zucchi started out as a small family business and grew to become a major oil producer. "Oleificio Zucchi was founded in 1810 in the area near Lodi in northern Italy as a family business that produced seed oils for human consumption." Now large enough to be in their current 86,000 square foot manufacturing facility on the Cremona navigation canal, producing close to 400,000 gallons of packaged oil per day, Zucchi is a leader in all things olive oil, rightfully so. This company really cares about the quality and integrity of their olive oil, which is really important. 

Upon receiving my package, I knew these olive oils were special, it is obvious. The packaging is beautiful and decorative and I'm happy to be able to display them on my spice rack; they are just really pretty. I was immediately drawn to the Sweet & Fruity bottle. Then I thought of the perfect dish to use it in. Here is information from Zucchi and next will be my recommendations for using each flavor.

*correction "fresh white fishless"

I want to start by talking about the Sweet & Fruity. This is the perfect olive oil to drizzle over a light and crisp summery salad, especially one that has strawberries, peaches or apples in it. I am also really excited to use this oil for making homemade salad dressing!

The Italiano flavor is a strong and robust flavor. I would use this for practically anything, but definitely in any Italian dish. I can picture this oil being amazing in vegan lasagna casseroles or drizzled on top of vegan garlic bread. Yum!

Sinfonia is a light and all-purpose, multi-use oil. This is a great everyday oil and a healthier alternative to salad oil.

The Organic olive oil will definitely be my go-to oil. This oil is the perfect dipping oil. To make dipping oil, add some of this oil in a small bowl and mix in some minced garlic, a little onion powder, a bit of Italian seasonings, a few red pepper flakes, and some vegan grated parmesan cheese. A dipping oil is amazing to serve with soft, warm sliced bread, rolls or bread sticks. 

Final thoughts: I use olive oil every single day. I use it in my breakfast most days, and practically every snack or meal thereafter, on a daily basis. Zucchi olive oils are one of the best that I've tasted, and I consider myself a sort of olive oil connoisseur. You can tell a good quality extra-virgin olive oil by smell and taste - these Zucchi olive oils hands down win in both categories. These olive oils smell so good that they just do something to me; they move me. I want to make air fresheners out of them!

Neat little fact: you can scan the QR code on the side of the bottle of olive oil to trace the origin of the olives inside that bottle! Amazing! This is legit olive oil right here!

These olive oils definitely come in handy while preparing recipes from my cookbook, The Dirty Vegan Cookbook, many of which call for extra-virgin olive oil in them. A special thanks again to Zucchi for sending them for me to try. They are fantastic.

Zucchi is giving away 4 flavors of their world famous olive oil - click here to enter their giveaway.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hey Chili's - Chilli Isn't the Only One Who Wants More Vegan Food!

Did you hear the news that Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of the group, TLC, asked Chili's restaurant to add more vegan options to the menu?

How CrazySexyCool of her! She speaks for many of us in the vegan community who dine at Chili's restaurant and are so bored with what they have to offer their plant-based guests.

Chilli asked Chili's to add vegan "chicken" and other more exciting animal-free food to their offerings, and I really hope the chain eatery takes notice of this message from the famous singer as well as the vegan community as a whole. Whether people dining at Chili's are vegan or not, society is going in the direction of more plant-based, for lots of reasons. I'm hearing more people than ever say that they are avoiding animal products for health and environmental reasons in addition to having compassion for animals. People who are battling health issues are being told by their doctors to go vegetarian to help lower cholesterol and help their health in many other ways. I've spoke to people who have trouble with allergies or acne and are being advised to avoid animal products like dairy to clear up their medical issues. So it would be a smart business move for Chili's to offer decent vegan options for EVERYONE. Just like diners have the choice between a variety of dishes, several plant-based ones should be offered as well. Think about it, restaurants have lots of different chicken or beef dishes on their menu, so why have only one vegan one to choose from? If someone wants chicken they have 10 options or more, but a person who wants to eat vegan at that meal, only has one option - that's not fair at all. I can even argue that it is discriminatory, Chili's.

I personally would love to see some of the menu items that I used to enjoy before going vegan, offered as a vegan option. I also think that all restaurants should have this; a dish, then the option to have it animal products OR plant-based. It's not hard to make it almost the same way, but use the vegan ingredients when the customer chooses their meal that way. That would make it fair and equal for ALL patrons and would also drive sales and profits through the roof. There's a whole group of people who feel they can't dine out much or at all, especially at chain restaurants, and make most meals at home or only visit vegan restaurants - because let us face it, dining out is expensive these days, so why waste your hard earned money on an overpriced salad when that is the only crappy option available for vegans? Maybe Chili's will be the restaurant to change that.

Hey Chili's, let me know if I can work with you on creating some exciting vegan options for your restaurants. As a vegan chef, former vegan bakery owner, pastry chef, longtime vegan and expert, and cookbook author, I know a thing or too about vegan cuisine - plus I'd LOVE to help with something like this!

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. I hope your day includes a vegan quesadilla or two!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Natural Teeth Whitening

I was asked to try out this Black Is White vegan teeth whitening toothpaste by Curaprox...and here is my result after using it for a few weeks.

I didn't dive right into using this toothpaste the minute I received it. I was told before they sent it is vegan, but I had to do research to make sure - I know, I issues. I also researched the company to be certain that Curaprox does not test on animals. There's some old info confirming that they do not test, however there's not really anything about that fact on their website, which I think is important for them to include because a lot us animal lovers and activists care about that - and also base our decisions to purchase products on that knowledge.

Their website does state that their fluoride is not of animal origin and is a naturally derived fluoride, unlike many of their competitors. They also state that their ingredients are free of harmful chemicals or anything that can be dangerous to you. So I like that a lot.

So without the chemicals, how does the whitening happen, you ask? Active carbon. So as you guessed it, the toothpaste is black, but ultimately leaves your teeth whiter. My teeth were pretty white to begin with, so this is not a dramatic reveal, and I do think my teeth appear whiter after using the product, so it does seem to work nicely. I would say that although this is not a professional whitening treatment (like getting laser teeth whitening at a doctor's office or something), this is a great solution for coffee or tea drinkers in order to maintain those pearly whites.

My teeth felt cleaner after using Curaprox, Black is White...they look whiter as well. 

So that's all for now, Folks! And the Dirty Vegan is signing off - I hope your day sparkles like my teeth.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Goodnight, What Day Was It?

Friday, really? When you are working all the time, you tend to lose track of the days. The days, and weeks, and months all start to meld together in one big clump of work. Luckily, I love what I do, and my life's work has proven that; I have worked on this cause tirelessly for many years. I can go to sleep at night knowing I did good work and feeling like I have served in my life's mission. Service is important. I'd rather give than take, that's what makes me happy. And I am blessed to have found my calling.

However, when you do what I do, you don't get the weekends off. Fridays don't really mean much in terms of getting any time off. Even when I do take vacations, I'm tweeting or blogging it, or searching animal rights news for things to share and get involved in. I'm happy with what I do, but you know what I miss? This...

I miss outside.

I mean, I go outside, I'm not a vampire, but I don't spend nearly as much time outdoors as I would like. Maybe I'm feeling this way because the weather is still wintry, but even then, many of us don't get enough outdoors time. Not like when we were kids. I used to be outside all day long when I was a child. In college, I used to try to convince my professors to hold class outdoors on the lawn, somewhere nice and grassy on campus. Sometimes they listened, but not as much as I wanted. I even campaigned when I was working in the corporate world, to bring our desks outside - the outcome of that was, my bosses thought I was nuts. I told them we'd be more productive, we'd have a more positive outlook - nope, they were against the idea.Why don't people want to be outside anymore?

My goal for the deep spring, I say deep spring because it is far too cold right now in New England, is to bring my laptop outside and work there more. When I'm creating vegan recipes, that isn't always going to work, but I would like to do more writing and photography outside feeling the warm sun on my skin and the cool breeze on my face. I also think we should walk barefoot more often - feel the plush grass beneath our feet and connect with the earth more.

Do you spend a lot of time outside and what are your favorite outdoor activities when you peel yourself away from your desk?

Just When You Think Canadian Seal Hunts Couldn't Get Any Worse

Just when you think the horrific slaughter of seal in Canada couldn't get any worse, it somehow does. How could it be any worse, you ask? I read an article by Sheryl Fink from the Director of Canadian Wildlife Campaigns at the International Fund for Animal Welfare which just confirms my disgust in the human race. Canada has decided to start the senseless killing of innocent beings seal hunt early this year... during pup nursing season!

Imagine for one moment that you are a mama seal, protecting and nurturing your newborn, nursing and bonding with that child, then a spineless hunter slaughters you both. Even if they can distinguish between the genders and try to only target the males, which is almost impossible to do and trust me they don't care, imagine being that new family and the trauma that comes with other seals being slaughtered. This unimaginably cruel practice must be stopped. First let's voice our outrage on that fact that the very minute protection that wildlife does in fact have, is being ripped away from them. What's next, entire species of animals are just wiped off the earth? Not like that hasn't happened before right? Why are we going in the wrong direction? We should be protecting wildlife and moving away from barbaric acts and start living in the modern civilized times that evolution and technology has afforded us.

Please start by giving Sheryl's article a read. She explains why starting the hunt early is not only more cruel, it won't work for their purpose and it equates to senseless killing - so there's no point to this, Then, contact Canadian officials and Fisheries Minister Dominic Leblanc to voice your concern for the early hunt and this inhumane practice in general. Ask for the abolishment of Canadian seal hunting, once and for all.

Thank you for all your activism! We are winning this fight for equality for ALL.

Orange Carrot Tomato Celery Smoothie Recipe

This recipe came over to me from Tyler at Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company. Enjoy!

Orange Carrot Tomato Celery Smoothie

Servings: 2 smoothies (14 oz each)


•1 container (about 5.3 oz) vanilla flavored vegan Greek yogurt
•1 banana, broken into 4 pieces
•1½ cups frozen berries
•½ cup Natalie’s Carrot Tomato Celery Juice
•½ cup Natalie’s Orange Juice
•1 cup baby spinach leaves, washed and dried


Place all ingredients in a blender and pulse until the mixture is well blended and no large pieces of fruit remain. Pour into 2 glasses and enjoy.

Credit: Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company

Thanks to the lovely Folks over at Natalie's for sharing this recipe with me and the Dirty Vegan community! And if you would like to check them out, here's their social:

Twitter: @nataliesoj

Instagram: @nataliesoj

Facebook: @nataliesoijc

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Goodnight, Signs

"Sign, sign everywhere a sign"

Five Man Electrical Band?

Never mind. 

Tonight I'm reflecting on the signs of the day. Did you ever have a day, or even a period in your life, where you keep getting the same signs? Maybe it is a word that keeps popping up on tv, in a book you are reading, on the radio, or on social media. How about when you are thinking something, and someone says something similar to what you were just thinking - has that ever happened to you? Is it really a sign, perhaps from the universe, or merely just a coincidence?

Some spiritual experts seem to think that the universe has a plan and also sends messages to people. Most scientific experts say that that isn't possible. So how do we explain these strange coincidences, these signs? And do they mean something?

This happens to me often. I'll be thinking about something random, not something that has been buzzed in the mainstream news, but something very distinct, specific or obscure, then I'll be on Twitter and see someone else tweet about the same exact thing. How is that possible? Sometimes it happens more than once and comes from the same person. Could we be operating on the same brain frequencies or wavelengths as others? Some scientists seem to think that is possible as well, that we are all connected.

It's not like this is a new phenomenon. People have written songs about seeing "signs" (although in the Five Man Electrical Band's case I think they were actually talking about signs, like posted signage. Ace of Base is a better song example for "signs") and more than one of my friends and family members talk about constantly looking at the clock at the same time each day, 11:11.

I don't know what to believe, but I do notice "signs" and I wonder about them. As a person who likes answers for everything, I do find this re-occurrence peculiar. Maybe they are just coincidences. What do you believe?

Tiger Nuts...Rawrrrr!

I know what you're thinking. Where does she find this stuff?

Here's a little something, something about Tiger Nuts...

Tiger Nuts are NOT nuts. Make sure you've had your caffeine before reading this one. They are actually nut-free and gluten-free. I know, mind blown.

If they aren't nuts, what are they??

They are tubers that grow underground like carrots or potatoes do. And you guessed it, they are jam packed with minerals which include fiber, vitamins C and E, and iron! They are vegan-friendly, obvi, but also suitable for people who must avoid gluten or have nut allergies - since they are tubers and not nuts.

You'd be nuts not to try these tubers! They are totally tubular! <--- I'm sorry, I had to do this.

Anyways, what you see pictured: the original Raw Premium Organic and the original Supreme Peeled, also the Tiger Nuts flour! Yep, you can bake with it, Folks! I will be posting some Tiger Nuts recipes on here soon - I've been hard at work since summer on my Dirty Vegan Cookbook, but you can definitely expect to see a recipe on the blog using this amazing Tiger Nuts flour coming soon!

Thanks, Tiger Nuts, for sending me these tubular tubers and Tiger Nut flour to try! I love trying new products and sharing with the Dirty Vegan community.

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off - I hope you have a nutty-but-not-actually-a-nut day!

Goodnight, Doogie - We're Getting Old.

Before I introduce these Goodnights I'll be doing, let me address the poll I posted on Twitter to get your opinion about them... I am astonished by how many of you don't know who Doogie Howser is! Then again, I'm not. I'm old. Things like this really make me feel my age.

Tonight's Goodnight will be about aging. The vegan diet has blessed me with a youthful appearance, so has good genes, all the women in my family age amazingly, but sometimes I feel my age. Like the times when I have to google the latest slang words because I don't know what they mean. Or when I'm sitting down on the floor for far too long and I get up, ouch (when did that happen?!). Or today food styling and doing a photoshoot outside. It looked beautiful out there but it was windy and cold, brrr. When I was younger, I would be able to spend time outside without a jacket, hit your 30s and forget about it. But the Doogie thing. Can't believe that. Next you'll tell me you don't remember the show, Small Wonder.

It's a weird ass show anyways. I loved it, however. Us 80s/ 90s kids are weirdos.

Anyways, this is my first Goodnight. Inspired by the great child M.D., Doogie Howser. I'm laughing as I type this. Seriously, I wanted to share the insight of the day with you all, and I need way more than 140 characters to do it justice. So here I am sitting at my computer, well, my laptop, like the ending of Doogie Howser, M.D. Should I have named these posts Doogies instead of Goodnights? Nah, then I'd have to title them "Doogie,..." and that's kinda odd, especially since apparently no one knows who Dr. Howser is! This first Goodnight is nowhere near as profound as Doogie's were. Then again, I don't have a team of writers creating them for me, huh Doog.

And for tonight, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. Here's to ageing gracefully! And Doogie, and video stores, and Pogs, and SkipIt, and whatever else I say that no one will remember. Goodnight.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Most Rad Vegan Soap, EVER!

So I got this package in the mail. You could smell it from a mile away - not a bad smell at all - it smelled like there was a giant godzilla made entirely out of natural soap lurking around. I checked every corner, nothing. Then I looked down and realized the delicious smell of cleanliness was coming from the box within my hands. Rad Soap Co. I should have known.

Upon opening the box, I noticed the beautiful and thoughtful packaging. Oh, who am I kidding - I noticed the photograph. Pictured is Rad Soap Co. founder Sue Kerber and her hot sons. I'm a marketing expert and I'd like to commend you, Sue; smart move putting those handsome boys in the box.

Then I got distracted and I forgot what I was reviewing here. Oh, yes, of course, the soap. 

This soap smells good, like really truly heavenly. Then I found myself going back to the photo...those are really good looking humans you made there, Sue. Oh, gosh, yes, the soap, let's get back to the soap.

How do you insert the heart eyes emoji into your blog post?

The kind folks at Rad Soap were so kind to send me their Kryptonite and Chaga soap, as well as their Project Hemp Cream. I was so excited by the smells of these soaps, I couldn't wait to try them out!

Chaga has a beautiful sweet smell. It is an antioxidant soap, which I absolutely love, and it is made with wild chaga mushroom. There's also scents of primrose, sweet orange, tangerine, clementine and patchouli. I can see this becoming my go-to soap and it is a perfect way to start the day. This soap reminds me of the way we should all be waking up and getting the day started. Now I'm wondering how anyone ever lived without starting the day with Chaga soap.

Kryptonite is also a skin detox soap with matcha tea, reishi mushroom and tea tree. Amazing ingredients for healing the skin! This is why Sue started the company, to heal her son's eczema, which is really a beautiful and amazing thing. I love companies that have a purpose that's not driven solely by making money - companies fueled by love. I dig it. 

This soap instantly brings me back to childhood. It brought back memories I thought I'd forgotten about. Being outside all day, exploring nature. I smell the trees, grass and leaves in this soap. I slightly smell mushrooms but the kind that you smell among nature on a warm foggy day after the rain has stopped. I smell camping and I smell the times my father would make furniture out of wood and when my grandfather would be cutting wood for the fireplace, while I was a kid outside playing with my brother and cousins. I was suddenly brought back to the home I grew up in, in a small town in Connecticut, by a smell. This was so unexpected. Now I'm wondering what my family would feel smelling this soap, if they'd recall the same memories and feelings that I had. I'll buy them all a bar, it is certainly worth a shot. Beautiful soap - very well done, Rad Co.

Next I rushed to trying the Project Hemp Cream which is the company's first product. My hands are really dry right now because I've been working on my vegan cookbook, doing tons of cooking and food styling, and lots of hand washing; my hands have been dry and uncomfortable. I used a few other creams and they always left my hands burning and getting red afterwards. I was so eager to try Project Hemp Cream because these products are designed specifically to heal and nourish your skin. This package couldn't have arrived at a better time!

WOW! I haven't seen my hands this moisturized in a while! I thought I had to wait for summer for them to get back to normal, I didn't think it would take one application of this scent-free wonder cream! I should have taken before and after pictures.

I'm loving these Rad products, truly! Everything is Vegan, Plant-based, Cruelty-free, Pet-friendly (YES! So when my dog gets sprayed by the same skunk for the millionth time, I can use this soap on her too!), and made by a wonderful (and good-looking) family company. 

When this stash runs out, I will be replenishing my soap and skin care needs with Rad Soap Co. for sure. Thanks so much for sending this to me!

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. I didn't frame the photo of Sue's sons, what are you talking about... *whistles*

Dolcedi Me!

Did you ever have a moment when you were like, I need something to sweeten my coffee, tea or whatever else but I'd like something new and interesting and low glycemic...possibly made from apples?

Just go along with it.

So this stuff is like really cool. Seriously, like really really cool. 

What is it like? What does it taste like? HONEY. Legit, it tastes exactly like honey. Vegans rejoice!

The ingredients are just: concentrated apple juice. That is it! And it tastes like honey. How? I don't freaking know - all I know is that it is good and it is vegan.

I'd like to thank the awesome folks at Rigoni di Asiago for sending over this sweet bottle of amazing Dolcedi! I am hooked on this stuff for sure.

*pours dolcedi over entire life*

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Feel Like a Star On Your Period

Say Whaaat, you crazy broad!? <--- is what you want to say to me.

Hear me out. A company by the name of Cora contacted me to try out their tampons. I'm like, alright! Especially after hearing about their mission and what it means when you purchase this product. Here is their welcome to the Cora movement:

Every year 100 million girls miss school during their periods because they don't have access to feminine menstrual hygeine products. For every monthly supply that you purchase, Cora will give menstrual supply products to a girl in need, so she can have the freedom and ability to go anywhere or do anything during her period!

Wow, this is something that many women, including myself, take for granted. We have the ability to stock up on pads or tampons during a shopping trip at Target, at any grocery store, or pharmacy drug stores, that are on practically every corner in most areas. Cora products make me feel good about doing something that I have to do anyways. I have to have my period and I have to buy tampons. Might as well help other girls in need while I'm doing something that I already have to do. So instead of buying tampons manufactured with chemicals, I can buy Cora's premium 100% organic cotton tampons that are in BPA-free plastic applicators.

Where does feeling like a star come in, you ask? 

I'll tell you. Besides feeling like a star by doing an amazing service to humanity every month, you open the box of Cora tampons and you literally feel like a celebrity. Like who else gets a box of glamorous looking tampons that come with a chic vegan-leather carrying clutch?? They even include Stowaways that you can keep in your bag to give to a friend, which just so happens to be a little cardboard tube that says something like, Congrats on your free month of Cora tampons you lucky b! (there's a code on there for your friend to sign up for a free month, for reals)

Without getting too TMI on you, these tampons work awesome! Thank you, Cora, for sending me these fab tampons to try and for all of the good work you do! You've got a fan in me for sure! 

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. May your period be Beyonce fabulous!

The Dirty Vegan Cookbook


For anyone who hasn't read the news about my vegan cookbook on social media, it is coming along very well and will be released this Fall.

This cookbook is everything you'd expect from me: cheesy, gooey, buttery, sweet, savory, delicious (and everything in between) recipes for any occasion. This book will change the world, I just know it. Veganism has been scientifically proven to be the best lifestyle for the health of humans, the environment and of course for the animals. My cookbook is your one-stop resource for how to eat and cook vegan in the easiest way possible. I've taken the guesswork out of it because it is crucial to be including animal-free products in your diet, and I want everyone to be able to do it. You don't need fancy or hard-to-find ingredients to follow any of these recipes; this book is unlike any other vegan cookbook. Put it this way, if you make any one of these recipe for a non-vegan, I bet you'll make a believer out of them.

Here is the link to sign up for e-mail news about The Dirty Vegan Cookbook and you can also pre-order from this page as well. I recommend reserving your copy to ensure you won't have to wait or struggle to find a copy when they sell out, and you'll be able to get your copy when it is released. 

The Dirty Vegan Cookbook is available everywhere books are sold. If you are unable to pre-order online, you can call your local Barnes and Noble or book retailer and reserve over the phone or in person. I've personally called the wonderful folks at B&N to confirm this because I know people like to visit the store to do things in person, I prefer that interaction as well. 

Also, sorry if I have neglected this blog for a couple of months - writing a cookbook is much harder work than I thought it would be. But you know what they say, the best books are the ones that the author absolutely obsessed over, making it an easy and effortless read for the user. Maya Angelou said something like that, about when she wrote her books. Hang on, let me go get the actual quote because I think I absolutely butchered that one - be right back...

Got it! I'm not going to admit how long it took me to find this excerpt:

"Will I write a sentence that will just float off the page? Easy reading is damn hard writing. But if it’s right, it’s easy. It’s the other way round, too. If it’s slovenly written, then it’s hard to read. It doesn’t give the reader what the careful writer can give the reader." -Maya Angelou

I have been agonizingly particular about every tiny detail of this book. It is very important to me that, for animals, for the cause, this cookbook is perfect. I wanted it to be such fun to read and with instructions so detailed but simple and easy to understand, that anyone can go vegan, and they'll be absolutely compelled to. Please check it out:

Also, there is another reason for my brief hiatus on this page - well two actually. One: they deleted the Blogger app, which made it so easy for me to post anywhere or anytime. Two: I discovered the new plant-based social app, Vegan Amino, which is void of politics or trolls and is all vegan, all the time. Here's a link to my Amino page, you should definitely check it out; this is where I've been microblogging (besides on Twitter, which is where I hang out most):

But no worries, I will be posting here on regularly once again, going forward. I've been told by many people that they use this website as a recipe archive and resource due to how well I labeled the posts, so I'm happy that even when I took a little time off from blogging to write this book, this site is still a useful vegan source.

Ok, that's all for today. You know how I can go on-and-on. And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. Peace and love.