Friday, April 7, 2017

Postum, the Cure for the Common Beverage

I'm sitting here enjoying my morning Postum. You're probably wondering what that is, aren't you? Postum is a delicious and delightful instant warm beverage made from wheat-bran and molasses that embodies coffee, without the jitters. Think about that. Many of us want to sip coffee or tea, that comforting warm beverage, all day long, but we can't due to the health disturbances we'd feel if we did so; we might get caffeine poison if we did that, who knows! But Postum is naturally caffeine-free!

 Let's talk a little about the Postum brand before we dive into the product. Postum is one of the world's first health foods, before the days of natural food stores and natural grocery. After switching hands from the Post cereal company and other larger companies, like General Foods and Kraft, the Postum product was sadly forgotten about until the fine folks at all-natural food company, Eliza's Quest Foods revived it! Back in 1895 C.W. Post created this "cereal beverage" and who would have known it would turn into a worldwide phenomenon? I think Mr. Post would be happy to know his product is back with a small family business who cares as much about the product and brand as he did. Postum is made in the USA and as it was from the start, focused on maintaining a quality natural foods product that is safe and healthy to enjoy. Let's talk about this product, I know you are all eager to know about it!

Like I said, I'm sitting here enjoying my cup of Postum. Upon my first Postum experience, I opened up the jar, which was filled to the brim, and my first reaction was to smell it. Oh, what an aroma! Sweet smelling and lightly roasted, almost caramel-like. I wanted to eat it - I'm going to be making plenty of recipes with it, so stay tuned for that! I noticed how much product you get in the jar and how you need very little to make a cup of Postum, only about 1- 2 teaspoons necessary per cup of boiling water, depending on how bold the flavor you'd like. There are about 75 servings per container, which is an amazing value. It lasts a long time, the expiration date is 2019, but I doubt anyone would be able to keep a jar in their cupboard that long without either drinking it or using it in recipes like baking or flavoring with it; I could never let this stuff go to waste.

When you add the granules to boiling water, they blend very well and look just like coffee. There is no grit when I make my Postum and it is completely smooth. I find that I can drink it black and it is very pleasant that way, no acidity or anything like that, but when I added my vanilla flavored soy creamer, it really kicked the experience up a notch. I can see myself drinking Postum black if I'm battling a cold because it has that comforting property to it, almost like how a broth or soup would, but when you add creamer it really is like any other warm beverage like coffee, tea or coffee alternatives. I really like the subtle malt taste, but it mainly tastes like coffee, especially the Natural Coffee Flavor offering, but the original is awesome too. Postum is very easy to enjoy. I'm hooked! And it is only 10 calories, 2 carbs and you get 1 gram of dietary fiber per serving. So you get a little energy from the carbs and adding on to your daily fiber intake is always a good thing. I also think it is a really neat thing to be able to sip this Postum and know that this is the same original recipe that C.W. Post created and sipped on himself. It feels very interesting and historic to be able to do something like that; not many companies have kept the same recipes from when the products were first created. This is from the Postum website:

"You’ll also like what’s NOT in Postum. There’s no caffeine to cause potential sleeplessness, high blood pressure or digestive problems. You won’t find any preservatives, sodium or genetically modified foods, either. Postum is proud to have earned the Non-GMO Project Verified seal from the Non-GMO Project.

By keeping to our original 1895 recipe, we’ve maintained a wholesome approach to coffee alternatives from a simpler time."

Also, for all of you history buffs and retro enthusiasts (like me!), check out this section of the wonderful Postum website (scroll to the bottom) that has nostalgic advertisements from the brand over the years. So cool!

Our days of caffeine overload and adrenal fatigue are over folks - we have a safe alternative right in the natural foods world! And it doesn't have to be one or the other. It doesn't have to be coffee vs. Postum. Think of Postum as another beverage to add to the beverages you like to enjoy. Maybe you've had too much coffee and like the coffee taste, but even another cup that's a decaf would overdo it. Enjoy a Postum. Maybe you are tired of the same boring and ordinary beverages and coffee-like products. Postum is the cure for the common beverage.

I'm really excited about this product and I'm so anxious to share recipes, giveaway some Postum prize packs to lucky readers, and dive more into the Postum world. Spoiler alert: I'm currently working on creating recipes (two special ones in particular) with Postum that are game-changers for vegans since they are foods that since turning vegan, are not available without animal products and Postum is the exact product I needed to achieve these dishes! You won't believe these recipes; coming up in one of the next posts, plus I still have so much to say about this amazing product, so stay tuned!

Also, make sure to check out Postum's social media. They share really fun pictures and recipes. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. I hope your day is warm and cozy like a mug of Postum.

This blog post was sponsored by Postum.

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