Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hey Chili's - Chilli Isn't the Only One Who Wants More Vegan Food!

Did you hear the news that Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of the group, TLC, asked Chili's restaurant to add more vegan options to the menu?

How CrazySexyCool of her! She speaks for many of us in the vegan community who dine at Chili's restaurant and are so bored with what they have to offer their plant-based guests.

Chilli asked Chili's to add vegan "chicken" and other more exciting animal-free food to their offerings, and I really hope the chain eatery takes notice of this message from the famous singer as well as the vegan community as a whole. Whether people dining at Chili's are vegan or not, society is going in the direction of more plant-based, for lots of reasons. I'm hearing more people than ever say that they are avoiding animal products for health and environmental reasons in addition to having compassion for animals. People who are battling health issues are being told by their doctors to go vegetarian to help lower cholesterol and help their health in many other ways. I've spoke to people who have trouble with allergies or acne and are being advised to avoid animal products like dairy to clear up their medical issues. So it would be a smart business move for Chili's to offer decent vegan options for EVERYONE. Just like diners have the choice between a variety of dishes, several plant-based ones should be offered as well. Think about it, restaurants have lots of different chicken or beef dishes on their menu, so why have only one vegan one to choose from? If someone wants chicken they have 10 options or more, but a person who wants to eat vegan at that meal, only has one option - that's not fair at all. I can even argue that it is discriminatory, Chili's.

I personally would love to see some of the menu items that I used to enjoy before going vegan, offered as a vegan option. I also think that all restaurants should have this; a dish, then the option to have it animal products OR plant-based. It's not hard to make it almost the same way, but use the vegan ingredients when the customer chooses their meal that way. That would make it fair and equal for ALL patrons and would also drive sales and profits through the roof. There's a whole group of people who feel they can't dine out much or at all, especially at chain restaurants, and make most meals at home or only visit vegan restaurants - because let us face it, dining out is expensive these days, so why waste your hard earned money on an overpriced salad when that is the only crappy option available for vegans? Maybe Chili's will be the restaurant to change that.

Hey Chili's, let me know if I can work with you on creating some exciting vegan options for your restaurants. As a vegan chef, former vegan bakery owner, pastry chef, longtime vegan and expert, and cookbook author, I know a thing or too about vegan cuisine - plus I'd LOVE to help with something like this!

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. I hope your day includes a vegan quesadilla or two!

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