Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Feel Like a Star On Your Period

Say Whaaat, you crazy broad!? <--- is what you want to say to me.

Hear me out. A company by the name of Cora contacted me to try out their tampons. I'm like, alright! Especially after hearing about their mission and what it means when you purchase this product. Here is their welcome to the Cora movement:

Every year 100 million girls miss school during their periods because they don't have access to feminine menstrual hygeine products. For every monthly supply that you purchase, Cora will give menstrual supply products to a girl in need, so she can have the freedom and ability to go anywhere or do anything during her period!

Wow, this is something that many women, including myself, take for granted. We have the ability to stock up on pads or tampons during a shopping trip at Target, at any grocery store, or pharmacy drug stores, that are on practically every corner in most areas. Cora products make me feel good about doing something that I have to do anyways. I have to have my period and I have to buy tampons. Might as well help other girls in need while I'm doing something that I already have to do. So instead of buying tampons manufactured with chemicals, I can buy Cora's premium 100% organic cotton tampons that are in BPA-free plastic applicators.

Where does feeling like a star come in, you ask? 

I'll tell you. Besides feeling like a star by doing an amazing service to humanity every month, you open the box of Cora tampons and you literally feel like a celebrity. Like who else gets a box of glamorous looking tampons that come with a chic vegan-leather carrying clutch?? They even include Stowaways that you can keep in your bag to give to a friend, which just so happens to be a little cardboard tube that says something like, Congrats on your free month of Cora tampons you lucky b! (there's a code on there for your friend to sign up for a free month, for reals)

Without getting too TMI on you, these tampons work awesome! Thank you, Cora, for sending me these fab tampons to try and for all of the good work you do! You've got a fan in me for sure! 

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. May your period be Beyonce fabulous!

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