Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wanna See My Apples?

Have you ever found yourself with too many apples? Maybe you aren't in the mood for apple pie. Who isn't in the mood for apple pie? Well, maybe you aren't in the mood to make apple pie. Why not make bird feeders with all those extra apples?!

What you will need:
     -Wire Ties

-And a helper!

What you will need to do:
String apples with wire ties. As you can see, the square connector part at the end, holds the apple on. You can string as many apples as you like and connect them tightly onto trees. Aim for a tree branch high enough where cats will not likely be able to bother the birds while they are eating. Basically, high enough when you are standing and reach your hands up, that should be fine.

Voila! Birds and Squirrels can now enjoy some fresh and beautiful autumn apples! Send me pics of yours!

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