Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Has Your Pup Been Skunked?

Help! My pup has been skunked! 

Recently I was saying, "Help! Shirley Girl has been skunked!". She is very curious of the wildlife that come visiting our yard. Needless to say, she stuck her nose where it really did not belong, and got sprayed by a skunk. Here is the recipe I used to bathe the stench off of my sad pup. I say sad, because after she got sprayed by Pepe, she was sad until we got her smelling like her normal self, understandably so.

Dog De-Skunkin' Bath Recipe

-1/4 cup baking soda
-dollop of puppy shampoo
-10 hyrodgen peroxide wipes/ or a few cups of 3% peroxide

Do not mix this stuff in a bottle! This will explode! You have been warned. Get your pup into a warm bathtub full of water and mix these ingredients into the tub. Scrub the stench off of your dog. Dry your dog and repeat if necessary. A little dab of white vinegar also works on a cotton ball afterwards and applied to the fur if smell is concentrated in one spot. This was the case for Shirley. Also, if your house stinks like this strong pungent smell, even after cleaning it up, fill up glass bowls full of white vinegar and place one in each room. Overnight should do, but longer if the smell lingers. The vinegar absorbs foul odors.
Please understand that this advice is not in place of veterinarian advice, this is just what I used on my Shirley and what worked for us. Please use these tips at your own risk.

They also sell skunk bath products for your dog and some groomers have de-skunking services available. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? What did you do?

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