Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Shirley Girl!

Today is Shirley's 1st birthday! As many of you may already know, Shirley is our rescue pup, who really rescued us. She is the sweetest girl you can ever imagine and takes great pride in being a Mama's girl.
See what I mean about my little Mama's Girl! This is us sleeping. Out like lights. And don't even make fun of the pajamas/ socks...they are couture.
I'm so happy to celebrate her special day; to a doggie that makes our lives so special everyday of the year. We really take care of each other and have a great pack, a loving little family!

 Shirley's peanut butter birthday cake!
 Shirley and Rocky dig into the cake after we sing a silly Happy Birthday song!
 Like magic, the cake was all gone!
 Rocky ate his piece and then all of the crumbs on the plate...
 Shirley took her piece of cake and ate it on our bed.
Peanut butter cake all over the blanket and sheets! LOL

Looks like Shirley had a great day and enjoyed her yummy birthday cake! Now we'll play outside in the yard, then the pups will have a little afternoon nap too. The life! I hope your day is sweet like birthday cake and as cuddly as a puppy! And for now, the Dirty Vegan (w/ Shirley & Rocky) is (are) signing off. Tootles!

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  1. Shirley looks so much like my Rowan! I just got done checking out all of your dog posts. Can't wait for future ones! I just love them. :)