Sunday, September 4, 2011

Get Ready To Party!!!

Disclaimer: this post is ONLY intended for kids who are age 21 and older.

Vegans love to party. Too bad all these years we were deprived of “Jello shots”. Well not anymore because Party Star has done it folks! I am happy to report that Party Star Jel Shots are vegan-friendly Jel Shots and come in crazy awesome flavors!

Party Star Jel Shots come in all the seven flavors you see here, some of which are strawberry, grape, cherry, orange and other fun flavors. These shots come ready made, so no prep work. They do not need refrigeration, but you can chill them prior to enjoying them; you don’t have to, either way they taste great! The flavors are natural, the colors are certified. The “jel” is plant based with no animal products or bi-products used. They also have a 1 year shelf life, but I doubt you can keep these fun shots in your kitchen for too long without getting the urge to pop one in your mouth. You can find these 24 proof (12% alcohol by volume, per shot) in your local liquor store. If they do not carry these yet, they need to totally get on it! These shots are a really cool and exciting vegan discovery. Thanks Party Star, you guys rock!

Vegans like to party like rock stars too!


  1. I'm already planning a party around these shots! It's like finding a long, lost childhood friend. Only more fun! :)