Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This Chris Crocker video inspired me to write on this particular blog topic. I've written a lot of inspiring posts and I also stand up for the rights of animals, vegans, vegetarians, gay and lesbian community, people of all races, shapes, and sizes, victims of bullying domestic violence, and anyone who needs me to be a megaphone of a voice for them until theirs can be. If you check out the labels "Lesson" and "Rights" on this blog, you can see some past posts where I address these topics and help to provide some hope when you feel that you need it the most.

Today I wanted to address the adversity vegans and vegetarians face. But first, I wanted to give you some background on Chris Crocker, a pioneer for social movements. Chris Crocker is a YouTube sensation, and probably made famous for his well known video LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!, which has been seen by millions and surfaced all over the internet. If that is the only Crocker video you have seen, you have been missing out. Crocker is entertaining and humorous, but also teaches a lesson within each video, if you are open to seeing it. Whether Chris is inspiring confidence with his Bitch Bell or giving advice on Dealing with Unsupportive Family, like in the above video, his videos reach people who need to hear his advice. I've seen Chris spreading important messages like, confidence, to be strong, to work it, and also speaking on various social topics; I think he is fascinating. There really isn't a topic that Crocker hasn't spoken on. His messages about gender equality and being different, remind me of issues I have faced being different myself.

At any age, especially young, vegans live a constant battle. We try to surround ourselves with like-minded people, but sometimes that is just not always possible. We face adversity, criticism, and debates (sometimes arguments) about our moral choices. For being good people with good hearts, we face consequences, sometimes negative ones, from people who are close minded and that don't want to accept people for who they are. Sometimes the source of stress is from the ones that we love, and should love us back unconditionally. I am telling you today that no matter what battle you are fighting for - animal rights, gay and lesbian rights, racial equality, anything - you are not alone and it will get better. It does get better with age. When I was younger, I was simply inexperienced. When someone would say, "You need meat, meat is good, vegans don't get protein...", I would freeze up, be at a loss for words, and lose all of the vegan knowledge I had swirling around in my head. Now, I am still faced with so many people like that at events I do for Dirty Vegan Foods and various life situations. However, now I can spit out knowledge, statistics, and facts like you wouldn't believe and my ability to have a smart and true answer for everything has enabled me to not care about the haters, put them in their place kindly, politely, and with poise, and also enable me to change people's minds about veganism through knowledge and leading by example.

Anyone who has a struggle, knows the struggle that animals face. Voiceless yet beautiful and fascinating, we must be their voice for them. To all my young readers, please know that I have been in your shoes. Family who thinks I'm not getting enough protein (most days I eat more protein than I should), vitamins (DEVA makes vegan multi and even vegan glucosamine - so eat that haters), and the feeling of being left out or shunned. We have either been invited or not been invited to uncomfortable outings (things like fishing, pig roasts, crap like that), been criticized, scoffed at, or people being overly mean because they are intimidated by our lifestyle and that we have such a great time doing it (its a peaceful way to be). We also have to deal with people who think we eat fish, dairy, eggs, seafood, and offer it to us on a regular basis - seeming to ignore that we are vegans and ignore what we are doing in the Animal Rights world. I continually get offered non-vegan food, goods (like leather), etc. and people seem to ignore the fact that not only is it not suitable or appropriate, it is offensive to me and all that I believe in! Ignore these people, focus on the good and the mission. The mission is equality for all. And also, try and give people the benefit of the doubt; not everyone is being mean on purpose, sometimes people just don't realize. Just because you are an aware and accepting person, doesn't mean everyone else is. So just do your best to lead a happy life and always put thought into your actions. Pass it along to whoever you can - kindness is contagious!

I like Chris Crocker's message and it is similar to mine. Its basically, live your life, don't let haters get you down, don't get discouraged because the best is yet to come, use common sense, and stand up for yourself. Like Crocker, i am out here getting the message out about peace - peace for ALL. I really feel if we brought together all the social rights activists, we can work together on turning this place around for the good! Let's team up, Everyone!

Chris will be coming out with a documentary in 2012 and I'm psyched for it. He has a good heart and big personality. His message and making light of heavy situations, is just the kind of social crusader we need and I think he is a positive voice in the gay and lesbian community. And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. Peace.

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