Friday, September 30, 2011

Clipping Dog's Nails...Oh the Horror

You would think little Rocky the chihuahua would be just the little darling during grooming. Well when it comes to nail clipping, you thought wrong. He despises it. We've tried different methods, tools, clipping devices, and the only way that seems to work is when I take him to the groomers and hold him while she walks around us and clips
away. It takes like less than a minute and he's fine with it. But for some reason, when he's home, the nail clipping takes a long time. Rocky likes to squirm, and move his little arms all around, and with frequent breaks and treats, its like a full day, sometimes over the course of multiple days, adventure. Mind you, I've never cut the quick of any animal's nails and I frequently trim the claws of two dogs, a cat, and an iguana successfully. However, to save little Rocky the stress of nail clipping at home, I opt to take him to the groomers most of the time. On the flip side, Rocky loves baths, eye and ear grooming, messages, and doesn't mind teeth cleaning, but only to be done by me at home. He does not particularly enjoy these spa services to be preformed by anyone else but moi.

Here is a look at Rocky's latest mani/ pedi. We did this at home in the sun where he enjoys to bask and relax, and I did as much as I could until he got squirmy, then did the rest the next day. All I can say is to have patience, and if you cannot, take your fur baby to the groomer...its quick and painless. You should never ignore your animal companion's grooming needs, so if they are fussy with you, take it from me and leave it to the professionals. And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off.

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  1. I have been clipping my dog's nails for 6 years. I enjoy it. I want to share that if your dog is not healthy then avoid clipping his nails otherwise it will put distress on him. Thanks for sharing the article.

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    Perrie Jinnie
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