Thursday, February 28, 2013

Boogers Have Never Been So Cool!

So, I am super excited to show you guys this awesome product line called Boogie Wipes! I hadn't heard about these until expecting, and I can tell you right now that I plan to use these throughout all of my child's stages of life. Yes, I will be that crazy person running after my teenager telling her not to forget her Boogie Wipes. Yes, her Dad will be so proud that I have thoroughly embarrassed her, therefore she will not get a boyfriend. I will just be proud to have a kid with a booger-free nose.

Here is the scoop. Boogie Wipes are a natural saline, vegan-friendly product that are not test on animals. These wipes come in packs that are perfectly portable in your diaper bag or purse, a bigger canister to keep in the nursery or in your home, and "On The Run" boxes that contain individuals. These ingenious wipes are made of all-natural, gentle saline. Instead of spraying saline up your child's nose, Boogie Wipes are an easier solution.

Like everything else, I am testing these products out on myself before Baby arrives. If it is not good enough for me, how could it possibly be good enough for my precious child, right? I decided to try the Fresh Scent first. I take out the Boogie Wipe, and it smells pleasant. The texture is also very nice; sturdy yet super soft. These wipes are not heavily saturated like some baby wipes, which made this easy to wipe my nose with. It wasn't cold, and it cleared my nose up quite magically. It was quick and I kind of felt like continuing to use it. So i just patted my nose with it and took in the light and happy scent. I also did the same with the other scents and they were really refreshing. These handy wipes come in Grape, Menthol, and Unscented.

I wouldn't leave home without my diaper bag stocked with Boogie Wipes!

I found that these wipes really helped my allergies too. My nose felt nice and clean after using these wipes. I think my baby will be pleased with such a cool way to clean her nose. Your nose feels pampered afterwards and these wipes moisturize the area. Boogie Wipes are a lifesaver for moms who need to clean runny, booger crusted, or sick baby noses. I can totally see how these wipes can soothe a red, irritated nose. These are also a fun way to keep your kids' fingers out of there! Having something fun that smells great will be a motivator for kids not to go digging for boogers! I can totally see the Grape scent being a huge hit with the toddler crowd as well. These sweet smelling wipes can be found at stores like Target, Babies-R-Us (and Toys-R-Us), Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and Walmart and also online on their website or other online retailers like Amazon,, and

What a wonderful and exciting product! I am thrilled to have found Boogie Wipes and they certainly get my seal of approval. What are you using to clean out those boogie-filled noses? If this is your first time hearing about this product, what do you think?

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