Monday, October 25, 2010

Friendly Fashionista

Being vegan does not mean you have to lack style, grace, or class. It is the exact opposite; vegans possess a great amount of those things with this compassionate lifestyle. Here are some fashion staples that every vegan style icon must own in their closet.

LBD (Little Black Dress)

The LBD is so versatile and so fashionable; it never goes out of style. You can dress it up with jewelry and a pair of heels, or dress it down with ballet flats and a cardigan. One LBD can even be used for all four seasons by using tights, cardigans, or jackets when it is cold. You can even layer under it which is another way to make the look more casual.

The LBD is an important piece in every girls wardrobe.
Guys, your equivalent of an LBD would be a nice suit. Something preferably in black or a very neutral color that can be worn in different settings or seasons. You can dress it down with the type of shirt worn with it. Even a t-shirt and sneakers can be worn to give you a casual and hip look. You must also possess a crisp white button shirt.

You never know when you will need an LBD or a suit. It is always good to be prepared. Please note that these items must not contain any wool, silk, or any other animal materials. This is an extremely easy task at any department store, mall stores, or at T.J. Maxx/ Marshall's.

Business/ Casual Pieces

Every fashionable vegan must have a few business pieces in their closet. A nice pair of pants, a few nice blouses or shirts, a suit jacket, and a cardigan. For ladies, a pencil skirt in a neutral color is always a must. That is such an easy piece that can take your from work to play. Just tuck a blouse into your pencil skirt and add heels or ballet flats and you have a very cute and flattering look.

Shoes and Accessories

Invest in a few nice pieces; belts, headbands, broaches, jewelry, etc. A nice pair of shoes is also a must. You can have a couture outfit on and if your shoes aren't right, it can throw the whole thing off and possibly ruin the entire look. You are probably wondering where a vegan would find non-leather and non-suede shoes. The easiest and most cost efficient store I can tell you is Payless. You will find a plethora of "All Man Made Materials" shoes there. This is great if you are short on cash or want a specific look without spending a lot of money. If you want comfort and quality with a couture look, you are going to have to get some designer shoes. Maybe, in a place in time, long ago, this was impossible, but now it is a fun and addicting possibility. Look around your department stores and read read read those labels. I scored four pairs of fantastic vegan shoes at T.J. Maxx recently. The quality and feel are great and the prices aren't bad at all either. You can find vegan shoes in brands such as Nine West, Ann Klein, Dollhouse, R2, among many other stylish brands. Not all of these designers' shoes may be vegan, but some are, so read the labels and hunt around for them. It takes a minute to read a label and it makes a world of difference for an animal that you are saving. If everyone thought this way, animals wouldn't be faced with the cruelty that they endure. We as consumers and compassionate people must make the right choices; kind choices. In my opinion, kind people are the hottest and best looking people!

In general, if you like a look, find a substitute. There are so many handbags, heels, jackets, etc. that are vegan. If you like pearls, get synthetic ones. Have you ever heard of the saying, "Fake for the animals sake."?

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