Monday, October 4, 2010

Crazy Kitty?

Q: Does your cat beat up your little dog?

Dirty Vegan: Mine does.

Q: Does your cat claw at the furniture?

Dirty Vegan: I could care less if my cat claws at the furniture as long as he doesn't claw at my Chihuahua's face.

Whatever the reason may be, people do consider de-clawing their cat. I have never considered this because cats need to flex their claws. It feels good to them. However, I was at a loss when I adopted a 4 year old cat with issues, that used my Chihuahua as a rag doll. Something had to be done...and fast! I started by keeping up with his nail clippings at the groomer's and at home. Still poor Chihuahua had some scrapes. I had to do something more; what if the cat catches the dog's eye, what if he blinds him!? I needed an alternative to de-clawing and fast. I stumbled upon SoftClaws. My cat loves them and so does the dog (heeheehee). They are soft and slightly squishy claw caps that are almost like fake nails for cats. They also come in colors. Here you will see my cat with his Halloween, orange and black, claws.

Moral of the story: there is a kinder and humane option for every inhumane one.

Which option do you choose?

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