Monday, March 18, 2013

You Can't Do Nerdy Without a Pair of Nerds!

Hi Everyone! So I wanted to share Firmoo with you. They are an eyeglasses and sunglasses retailer who specialize in the more current and modern styles. Firmoo is aimed at a young and hip audience, and has an awesome selection of Nerd-style glasses as well. Their aim is to provide fashionable vision-wear for the more frugal crowd. Basically, people who want gorgeous eye-wear but don't want to pay the high price-tag that normally come along with it, would benefit from taking a peak at They offer prescription and non-prescription, so you can choose a pair for function or fashion. They have something for everyone.

 I am wearing the style #SD2249 in Black (C01). Kind of the typical "nerd" style but totally cute, right? These are also available in Tortoise color.

I like that these are great quality and at a fantastic price; can't beat that. These aren't like the cheapo glasses you would pick up at the mall either, these are durable enough for everyday use. It couldn't be easier to get prescription or fashion glasses at such a low price. The only thing I didn't like is that the plain lenses (non-prescription) that I am using get super smudgy, so if you choose to go non-prescription just for fashion, be sure to keep them clean or the smudges can be annoying. They just show up more on plain lenses than they do on prescription ones.

 Firmoo also has a neat program they are running that gets brand new customers a FREE pair of glasses! All you have to pay is shipping, so it is definitely worth it to try them out. You can check out the program here.

Firmoo has tons of different styles to suit every type of personality. I really like their Nerds, which they do a great job with and they frame the face very nicely. A lot of celebrities are wearing this style right now. Check out these pictures of celebs wearing nerd glasses. I bet they cost a fortune and are some crazy-expensive designer brand. I love that you can get the same style from Firmoo for literally cheaper than my mascara costs.

Nerdy, but never nerdy, Johnny Depp.

Chris Brown rocking some Nerds.

The ever fabulous Anne Hathaway wearing a similar style.

Britney's glasses look just like mine! Pair them with ripped jeans and you're a rock-star.

Justin bringing nerdy back.

Jay-Z a grown-up nerd.

Mila Kunis wearing this style.

Look, even Kim Kardashian has em'!

I hope Everyone has a super nerdy day! I will be wearing these to Starbucks. A perfect coffeehouse look. And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. SEE you later!


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