Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cannot Live Without, Must-Haves for Pregnancy and Beyond!!!

As I am counting down the days to Baby's arrival, I am reflecting on the past 9 months. Husband and I were chatting about all of the neat things that are available these days. I feel thoroughly blessed to have found pregnancy products that have kept me as comfortable as can be, and possibly kept hubby as sane as can be. Here are the top items that I could not have lived without during pregnancy...

Boppy Total Body Pillow

This was my very first keep-me-comfortable-during-pregnancy purchase. I recommend getting something like this early on in pregnancy. Every trimester comes with discomforts, especially bedtime ones, so something like this will do you wonders during pregnancy and even afterwards. I have two of these. Sometimes I sleep with one in front and one in back, sometimes both in back, sometimes I fold them up for different positions, whatever. I also have brought these in the car for long rides. I feel sorry for the pregnant people who didn't have Boppy pillows.

Be Maternity BeBand & Ingrid and Isabel's Bellaband

This was my very first pregnancy-necessity purchase. Before you are even showing, you are bloated and having trouble fitting into your pants. With these bands, you can unbutton and wear your jeans and this band looks like a camisole underneath your clothing. Be Maternity recommends that you use this during the first, second, and the legendary "fourth trimester". I even used my bands occasionally during the third trimester for those moments when, for lack of a better phrase, my ass was hanging out. This is a great item to use when you want to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes for as far into pregnancy as you can, and for afterwards when you want to start wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes again. They hold up your pants and even allow you to wear your maternity bottoms sooner, when you need the comfort but don't quite fill them out yet. I also used these bands in my second trimester when I felt like my belly needed some support, since you can wear them folded in half, wear them full, or any way you feel comfortable doing so. I have these two brands and like them a lot.

Motherhood Maternity Compression Hosiery

At $7.98 you cannot go wrong! I have so many pairs of these in every color that they offer. I would wear these anytime I would be on my feet a lot, or sitting down more than I'd like to be. I never experience any feet or leg swelling when I wear these; they just work really well for me. My doctor checked my ankles at a visit and was so surprised at how I wasn't swollen. I told her that I swear by my Motherhood Maternity Compression tights. They have all different tights that allow room for your belly and that to me is so comfortable with a nice dress and a pair of ballet flats. I also felt support of my growing belly while wearing these. When not wearing them, if my feet or ankles swell, I put these on and actually see a difference right away. Also, I have washed these many times and have never gotten runs or snags in any of them. Therefore, they can be reused for the next pregnancy. Love these! 

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge

Another one of their fine pillows, the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge is an essential towards the end of the second trimester (or whenever your belly starts to pull and ache while laying on your side) and throughout the entire third. Us pregnant ladies must sleep on our sides, preferably the left, in order to ensure the proper amount of nutrients and oxygen are supplied to our babies. As pregnancy progresses, the uterus and growing baby inside of it puts too much pressure on the major arteries that pump from you to your baby. Therefore, to avoid depriving your baby of anything and to avoid getting dizzy and sick yourself, you should really only sleep on your side and not on your back. As your belly grows, the weight of it pulling and dropping down to the bed, is very uncomfortable. It comes to a point where you will just need something there for support. A regular pillow sort of works, but once you use this wedge, you see how it is perfectly designed for the pregnant body, relieving you of pressure and pain immediately. I also use this for my back as well. I switch sleeping positions throughout the night, and find that when I can prop my belly against my husband's back, and put the wedge pillow behind my back, it creates a nice cradle. Definitely experiment with different methods and positions. I have had really comfortable sleeps during pregnancy; I think these little extras really help.

Medela Sleep Bra & Gilligan and O'Malley's Sleep Bra 2-pack

In the first trimester, the girls will be sore. I cannot picture living without these bras. I used the Medela bras in the beginning for day and night actually. Then I used the Gilligan and O'Malley bras towards the end for sheer comfort. The girls start getting sore again as your body prepares for breastfeeding. I have also packed these in my hospital bag because these will be great for nursing, as they also double as nursing bras. I walk around the house in yoga pants and the Gilligan and O'Malley bras. They are really cute. 

Motherhood Maternity Demi Underwire Nursing Bra & Bra Extenders

During the middle of pregnancy, I used nice Motherhood bras in nude and black (that also look sexy and are super comfortable) and purchased bra extenders so that I could use them as I grew, as well as use them after pregnancy for nursing. The extenders can be taken on and off and adjusted to many different sizes. Always take advantage of products that you can use during pregnancy and afterwards. Any maternity buy that you can find, whether it is clothing or something else, that can do double-duty is so worth it.

Motherhood Maternity Bikini Panties & Bravado Designs Maternity Panties

Motherhood Maternity and Bravado Designs make the most comfortable maternity panties ever! No matter what style you choose whether it is bikini, thong, brief, these are great and you will love them. I don't know how anyone can go without maternity panties. These are great for under the belly and extremely comfortable, as that area tends to get sensitive as it stretches. Both brands make fold over and I love them too. They are super soft in the front and are perfect for if you are having a c-section. Yet another product that you can utilize afterwards. When you are achy and uncomfortable, a great pair of maternity panties feels like paradise. You will want to find the little comforts wherever and whenever you can. And there is nothing more annoying than when you have on horrible underwear. Now that can sometimes be the difference between a mood-swing or no mood-swing. Just in case you don't want to spend the money or your partner is wondering why you need all these things, just be reminded of mood-swing prevention. Keeping mom-to-be comfy and happy is key during this wonderful time.

Oh Baby by Motherhood Maternity Nursing & Maternity Pajama Set

After a long day of carrying around extra weight and growing a person inside of you, there is nothing better than taking a relaxing shower, putting on those glorious maternity panties that we talked about, and slipping into this uber soft pajama set. It comes with three pieces, the pants, a camisole (with clips for nursing), and a robe. During pregnancy you want light-weight and soft pieces to wear, especially at bedtime. Love these pj's, they are so comfy. They are also perfect for your hospital stay, recovering, and nursing.

I purchased all of these products at the following stores: Target, Macy's, Motherhood Maternity, and Babies-R-Us. I've seen them all over the place. I've also seen these items on Amazon. I like going to the stores for stuff like this to ensure everything fits properly. In my experience, I have not been one size during pregnancy and different brands fit me differently. Warning: if you go shopping and are especially tired out, and happen to try on the pj's, you may want to wear them right out of the store. Just sayin'.

Everything else that I have are more like luxuries rather than necessities. However the above items are must-haves for me. Are there or were there any pregnancy items that you totally could not live without?


  1. I think you've got it totally covered! Those compression hose sure are hot :)
    I need to get one of those Boppy wedges, I was missing that with my last pregnancy. It's so difficult to be uncomfortable even in bed.

    1. I know, not the cutest undergarments I own, but they totally do the trick! Being uncomfortable during pregnancy, especially sleep, is the worst. You need the rest so much but if you can't get comfortable it's tough. I was happy to find these little comforts and they make a huge difference. Cheers!