Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Thai - One of Boston's Best Vegan Eateries in Chinatown

Formerly known as Buddha's Delight, My Thai Vegan Cafe in Boston's Chinatown district (Beach Street), is a vegan food paradise! If you live in or around the Boston area and have not been here, you really must stop by. Or if you are planning a trip to Boston, plan to stop here for a bite, or two, or three!

My Thai is an Asian vegan cafe with Vietnamese and Thai influences. They have so much to offer on their vegan menu and I've enjoyed everything I've eaten there; you really have to check this place out. Here are my top faves...

Golden battered and fried tofu

These Tofu Fingers mimic "chick'n fingers" but are actually way better!

Fried dumplings but you can also get them steamed. The inside of these are yummy and so very gingery.

Vegan Bubble Tea! Made with fresh fruits, coconut milk, and vegan tapioca beads. Best bubble tea ever! Here we got honeydew melon and mango; both were incredible. I can't wait to go again and try another flavor!

Here is the cool view from My Thai, which is on the top level. Below it, is an awesome noodle place that has awesome noodle soup bowls and the best peanut sauce in which I smother my noodles in. Around the corner is another restaurant that we go to at night when/ if My Thai is closed. They have tons of vegan stuff and a very cozy atmosphere. I will do more reviews on vegan-friendly Boston restaurants in the future. Stay tuned for them.

What are your favorite places to eat in Boston? If you've never been, are you totally going to plan a trip now? How about vegan eateries in other parts of the world; what are your faves? I'd like to hear about them. Well until next time, have a Naughty day!

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