Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hippie Butter!

The folks at Hippie Butter were kind and generous to send me some of their Hemp Seed Protein Powder to try; thanks HB! You all must have noticed me Twittering and having conversations about hemp protein lately. I wanted to find something new to try for these Energy/ Protein Balls. Although I found Vega's flavor combinations to be extremely tasty and intriguing, readers were mentioning that they also found brands like Vega to be pricey. I wanted to review the product Hippie Butter sent to me, because it might be a better option for those of you looking for a less expensive protein powder. 

Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Coffee

When I received my protein I immediately was drawn into the product's packaging. As you can see, there are nudies on the packaging, which is awesome! After a long moment of staring at the lovely artwork (the butts), I finally unglued my eyes and re-focused them on to opening the package. Conveniently there is a peel-off notch on the sturdy bag and it is resealable. Also, it is recommended to seal and refrigerate after opening. The powder is a nice earthy and hearty greenish color; very natural and free of additives. This is not the flavored kind, so if you want to make something flavored and use this, you will have to add flavor, fruits, etc. The nice thing about this is that it is just the Hemp Seed Powder and you know exactly what you are eating. I like the protein content in this also, which is 16g protein per 4 tablespoons. I have seen some with less, but those kinds were not the pure protein like this. Besides protein, Hippie Butter is high in fiber (6 dietary, 5g insoluble), good source of omega-3 and omega-6, and has tons of vitamins, iron, and nutrition per serving. Iron alone is 40% daily value per serving of this stuff, so I don't want to hear people complaining about iron deficiency - eat your hemp, you will be fine! I also like that this protein is labeled as being "Grown without in-crop pesticides", which is comforting. When you purchase products like these that contain other types of ingredients in addition to the protein, you don't know where everything is sourced from - another perk of using a one ingredient protein product. Also, taste-wise this was great in my protein ball recipe and mixed in very well. The taste was nutty and not too overpowering. It also seems like a little bit goes a long way, so if you are getting enough of your protein and omegas in other areas, you might want to cut the serving in half.

There are lots of pros with this product nutritionally and cost-wise. The cons might be that it needs refrigeration, in case you want to keep it in a gym locker if you like to make shakes on the run. Also, that there is not a flavor to it. If you were to get the more expensive brands like Vega, yes it has things like flavor and probiotics in it, no you don't exactly know where each of their ingredients were sourced from, and yes you are paying the price for all the things added to the protein. So it is basically your preference. Personally, I would take the natural Hippie Butter and the great price over the other brands. Especially in recipes like my Energy Balls where you have other flavors going on and use agave as a sweetener (also perfect for baking or adding a scoop to smoothies); nutritionally speaking, it seems better and more "whole". Also, I just like the nudie packaging - I think that is really cool!

I hope you have a Dirty and nudie kind of day - wink, wink!

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