Friday, May 27, 2016

Road Trip Snacks...but Actually Healthy!

I want to talk about road trip snacks. I love going on road trips. The fun car ride, the new sights and stops in different places, listening to great tunes (say hello to my themed playlists!), it is all really exciting to me. Except for one tiny thing... I always feel bogged down by the snacks. No matter how healthy you try to be, you are doomed with too much processed junk and salt. These munchies are yummy to eat, but often leave my body craving real, whole foods, which are hard to pack, store and eat on the road.

I was wishing that I could find something healthy and portable for all of my summer road trips... besides the obvious choice of bananas. Sometimes a girl craves some broccoli and kale, but how do you bring that on a road trip?

Here is the answer! Brad's Raw! I've always loved their kale chips, but they recently sent me their latest flavors PLUS their super scrumptious Broccoli Poppers... and I am so impressed and also relieved that I now have a way to eat my favorite veggies and superfoods while on the road!

Let's talk about what is going on over at Brad's these days...

Brad's Raw has new flavors now, making their kale chips variety one of the biggest and most interesting. Their kale chips come in the following flavors: Naked, Frank Sriracha, Nasty Hot, Vampire Killer and Nacho. They offer all sorts of raw chips as well as their latest addition to the product line, the Broccoli Poppers.

Before I get into the Broccoli Poppers, I just want to talk about the flavors of Brad's Raw kale chips that were newest to me. I have always loved Vampire Killer and the name explains it all - garlic, garlic, and more garlic - but if you are going on a road trip with Johhny Depp, I'd suggest skipping this flavor. Nacho is cheesy and delicious, almost everyone loves it. I tried Nasty Hot and Frank Sriracha for the first time...and they were really good, but know that Frank is a lot hotter than Nasty, which I had initially guessed would have been the other way around. Very yummy.

As you can see, wholesome and simple ingredients in this portable snack food!

Broccoli Poppers were surprising to me, and I will tell you why. I didn't think that I would find snacking on broccoli as enjoyable as popping potato chips, but I definitely did! I felt zero guilt after indulging in them and actually felt energized, proving that you can eat healthy on a road trip. Both of the flavors were great, the cheesy one and the spicy one, and I would recommend giving it a try if you are looking for an alternative to the more junky snack that are on the market.

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. I hope you have a broccoli poppin' day!

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