Thursday, May 26, 2016

The New and Improved Zevia!

I didn't think it was possible to get any better than Zevia has always been, but they managed to outdo even themselves, now making them arguably the best soda on the market...period.

No GMO! They are officially Non-GMO Project Verified!

No caramel color! They are clear in fact!

Stevia and monk fruit sweetened, making Zevia a healthy soda that is also waistline-friendly!

Wearing my Zevia tank top! Had it for a while now and it is still my favorite.

I have always adored Zevia, but began to love them even more when I found out that they were also fans of mine! These days, with their new formula and look, I am quite smitten in deed, some would say head over heels even.

Some of my favorite flavors that are pictured at the top of the page, are:

ginger root beer - so good, you'll never want another root beer again unless it is a Zevia!

caffeine-free cola - when you've had WAY too much caffeine for one day, but would really enjoy the taste of a nice cold cola.

ginger ale - my go-to whenever my tummy is not feeling great... and it always does the trick!

cola - you will become addicted to this cola... plus it has just enough caffeine zip to give me a kick in the ass, but without the jitters.

grape - finally a grape soda that I don't have to feel guilty about after drinking it! No harmful dyes and sans a week's worth of sugar. Love it!

cream soda - tastes like it is straight from the 1950's soda pop shop... if I were actually alive in the 50's and had ever been to a pop shop. However, this is what I imagine it tasted like. Perfect for vegan ice cream floats!

dr. zevia - just call the good doctor... he or she will fix ya!

lemon lime twist - love this refreshing flavor.

cherry cola - this flavor makes it possible for vegan and natural foodies to enjoy a cherry cola that is NOT full of crapola!

black cherry - love it. Enough said.

strawberry - thank you Zevia for making it possible to enjoy a delicious a strawberry soda without junky ingredients and red dye!


i heart...

you! <3

Definitely liking all of the changes Zevia has made and just a huge fan of their products in general. Whether you are craving an ice cold fizzy beverage, hankering for an ice cream float, or want a natural and diet-friendly soda to use in recipes, Zevia is my go-to choice for sure! Be sure to follow the fun Zevia folks on Twitter, and also keep an eye out for my Zevia tweets! I love to show off my culinary creations in which I utilize Zevia... especially ginger root beer floats! 

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. Wishing you a sunshine in your pocket kind of day! 

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