Friday, May 27, 2011

Vegan & Eco-Friendly Mineral Make-up

Picture taken from Mixology's website - look at that stunning look created with mineral make-up!
We've talked about vegan beauty products before (here and here about Tarte). Today I wanted to talk specifically about mineral makeup. I received some samples from Mixology Makeup to try out. Their mineral makeup is all vegan, all natural, and eco-friendly (they were voted Best Green Make-up in the 2009 Beauty Olympics); I just adore Mixology! Their products are free of chemicals, dyes, and any other harsh ingredients that are responsible for causing breakouts or allergic reactions. I love that their stuff is vegan friendly. That makes it easy because you don't have to seek out what is and what isn't vegan, you can shop with peace of mind. Please keep in mind that this is my very first time using loose mineral makeup like this. I didn't know what to expect whatsoever.

The same look in artificial (indoors) light
Mineral makeup look in natural light
As you can see, this look is very light and pretty.

So here is what I did with Mixology to achieve this flawless yet natural, beachy, and fun look!

Once cleansed and moisturized, I applied my first Mixology sample, which was their Mineral Foundation called Sand Girl. A little bit goes a very long way with this. I used a complexion brush (E.L.F's Studio Complexion Brush - and I love how on their website you can search "vegan" or research brushes and it says "vegan" if the brush is - amazing!) and lightly dipped it into the foundation. It's buildable coverage, but I found I didn't need much at all! After trying the product it really justifies the price - if something is quality and goes a long way, I think it is totally worth it. This foundation felt weightless on my skin and almost like my skin felt better after putting it on.

Next, I used their Paste Eye Primer on my lid. I used my finger and it definitely feels like paste. It went on well and was sticky at first, but I think that helps the shadow stick better. I found that I used too much on the first lid. A tiny amount definitely can go a very long way with this also.

Then I used Dune shadow (a pretty light sandy color - pigmented with a slight iridescent sheen) all over the eyelid, building more color on the lower lid and inner corner. I used Parlay shadow (a brown with a little plum or purple - very pigmented with a little shimmer) in the crease and blended that in. The two colors complimented each other beautifully and created a gorgeous natural beachy look that can be kept light or made glam by adding more Parlay and lots of liner.

I used their Jet Liner with a liner brush and smudged it into the top and bottom lash lines. It created a very natural look on my dark eyes, accentuating features without looking too dramatic. The liner has a little sparkle to it when you look closely, which I like for twinkly looking eyes.

Last out of my Mixology samples was the Rosy Cheeks Blush in color Rosy Cheeks. This was also buildable and a little bit on my blush brush went a long way. You can use a little on your apples for some rosiness or build the color on your cheekbones. This can also be used very lightly on the face to add warmth and color. A very beautiful blush.

I really like mineral make-up! For my first time using it, I felt it was easy to use. I can't believe how much of the samples I have left, really demonstrating that a little does go a very long way. I would say it is worth it when you find a product like this that you like, since it will probably last you a long time. I love the way the make-up felt on my face after wearing it for a long period of time. It felt almost like I had no make-up on and somehow made my face feel enriched. I think I just found my new fave make-up! Thank you Mixology, I'm sure I will be ordering in the future (it may not be anytime soon since it seems I can use what I have from these samples for a while)! And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off.


  1. I'm curious. I just started my own makeup line called Love Me Recovery. I found your blog while researching Google. My makeup is all natural, vegan, and I only use Cap-5 preservative. No paraben or dyes. Could I send you a free sample? I'd love for you to blog about it.
    Jennifer Cerf

    1. Hi Jennifer, sure that sounds great. Please e-mail me at:

  2. A cosmetic made and of any of several finely ground minerals, mixed with a base such as cocoa butter; Note: seems to exclude talc, even though it is a mineral
    vegan mineral makeup

    1. I LOVE cocoa butter as a base in skincare and cosmetics!