Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spread Peace!

If every single one of us who are not being abused took a stand and fought to help those victims who are being abused, this whole world would become a better place a lot faster. Everyone has problems, or issues, or annoyances, or stressors. But there are those that are being agonized day in and day out. Maybe someone is being bullied or picked on in school. They feel emotional pain, or even physical hurt. They cry, they wonder why these things are happening to them, they feel awful. Maybe someone has found the love of their life and are so excited! They want to tell the world. They want to shout it from the rooftops! But they can't. People look at them the wrong way, people tell them they cannot marry or have the same rights as heterosexual couples just because they are woman and woman, or man and man. Maybe you're a baby animal being born with optimism and hope for a comfortable future as your instinct would first lead you to believe. Then you are treated with violence and disrespect. Ripped from your mother, not feeling comfortable at all or clean. You don't get the things your body and instincts need. You are hit, ripped apart, altered, sexually abused, all while still being alive - thinking "why me?", then finally you're spared with death, and they call you food!

All these victims were not regarded as special beings - but they are so special, so wonderful. There are so many more instances of victims being abused right this very minute. You might be reading this from work. Your boss may be riding you to get a report or project done - or anything/ anywhere else. But let me assure you as big as our problems may seem to us, there are others out there suffering much worse. If we have the means to help, we better help them. You don't always need money to donate, while its a great help, your voice is big and its beautiful and its powerful. Use that strong voice of yours to make phone-calls, to spread the word, to write letters. Pick a cause(s) and help victims. If every single person reading this today helps someone, then tells another, and another, we can make caring viral! We can spread peace like crazy and others can live good lives - everyone can live a good life.

If you can do something today to help another, please do. Sign a petition, write a letter, make a phone-call, choose kinder food and lifestyle choices - do it! I hope all of the victims hang in there. I feel so much empathy for those animals and people being treated cruelly. They are more loved than they know. There are lots of activists out there doing the same, fighting for good, and doing the right thing. Thank you to all the kind hearts. Some people may say that "the right thing" can be interpreted differently and why is my "right thing" the right thing. Well I define the right thing as helping to free others of suffering. If someone is physically or mentally in pain and I can do something to stop it from happening, that to me, is doing the right thing.

Let's all stand up and make a difference in someone's life today. Let's do it peacefully, but with strength and purpose. Use the most important things - your voice and your dollar. Do not purchase from cruelty. Speak up about cruelty. This is the Land of the Free - not the Land of the Free if Society Says You Are Allowed To Be Free. Everyone deserves the right to be happy; to feel peace and comfort. Let's change the way society views things. I know we can do it.