Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Dirty Vegan for Kweder Fashion!

When I found out about the vegan fashion company, Kweder, I was so excited because not only is their stuff, like their handbags and shoes, totally chic, they are also animal and people friendly! There is just so much I love about this company! But before we get into the details, and look at the hot new items that they sent to me to try and enjoy, let me talk about how beautiful the package arrived to me!

This box managed to travel all the way from Italy to me here in Boston, USA and it arrived looking gorgeous!

Such a pretty retro looking hat box style and it is sturdy! I am going to use this box for years to come! This box reminds me of when my grandmother would have her old hat boxes up in her closet from the mid-century and they still looked absolutely amazing decades later. This is that same type of box. Ok, enough about the box - but you know me, I love gorgeous packaging!

Actually, one more thing about the box - love that it says animal-free and vegan on it! So cool.

And then I opened this beautiful chocolate brown box with gold lettering and angels began to sing...just kidding! But in my mind it did happen.

I present to you, the Cassatella Sandal and the Cassatella Boston Bag (how appropriate that this Boston girl has a perfectly fitting bag now!).

These sandals are absolutely stunning! They are comfortable, they fit so perfectly and true to size. They have such a nice feel to them and that is due to the weatherproof and luxurious Alcantara® suede with waterproof Softan® embossed microfiber vegan leather. They are padded, so again, majorly comfy for a heel, I must say. And I love the chic gold buckle. The print on this shoe is so artsy and fabulous; I am so in love with this item and I'm already showing off these sandals every where that I go.

Foot Cam!

As you can see, the Cassatella sandal is a lovely and versatile shoe that can be dressed up or down. I'm seen here wearing them with skinny jean jeggings and a semi-casual but chic blouse. I also suggest wearing them with a little black dress, a red dress, a maxi dress or skirt with a cute crop top or peasant blouse, pleather shorts and tight tank top with a fitted suit jacket over it all, and with jeans or pants. As you can see, you can wear them with ANYTHING. What I especially love about this shoe is that the colorful print offers many different style options as well. So not only can you wear these sandals with a black or red styled outfit, you can choose any color in the print, so basically any color will go with this fabulous style! And as you can see I am sporting the matching Cassatella Boston Bag! Look at that golden hardware sparkle and shine!

LOVE this purse!!!

I really love that you get the art on the bag which is so chic and unique, so you get the style, but also durability in this bag. It can sit on your shoulder, forearm or hand. The size is great because it isn't teeny tiny but it's not over-sized or gaudy either - its the right size for a girl living the city life. They definitely nailed the Boston bag and what a boston bag means. You have two good sized inner pockets which can handle your small tablet or your cell phone with no problem. It has enough room for your daily needs and is a wonderful day to night purse, taking you from your work day to nightlife easily and fabulously! I love the shiny gold details on the zipper hardware, buckles and feet, and the zipper pulls are hearty with universal sized holes for a pretty lock (awesome for travel and carry-on bag comes to mind for me for sure). I know for certain that this bag will catch a lot of attention - it already has! Everyone who sees it has asked about it!

Put your feet up when you are wearing Kweder heels, because you won't be able to stop staring at them and how amazing they make your feet and your wardrobe look! Kweder shoes and handbags definitely take your style to another level. I feel so sophisticated using these products. This is the first vegan company where the quality not only matches those fancy other non-vegan designers, but in my opinion, Kweder is far superior to those brands. You get the quality and luxury Italian made shoe and handbag but in a vegan product. I am so impressed.

Kweder is a family owned business that was founded in Sicily, and their merchandise continues to be manufactured there and in Italy as well, to this day (but they have launched in the US and as you can see by their website in English, they are available in the states too). I love this following statement from their website:

"A similar fashion production enhances beauty, quality, craftsmanship and ethics, highlighting how to create a fashion item according to the preservation of the world we live in."

As an Italian-American with family roots in Italy and Sicily myself, I feel a deep connection to Kweder and to what these ladies are doing by changing the fashion game and providing a products that doesn't harm animals, people, or the environment. I am absolutely grateful to the company for introducing their fashion philosophies to me and for their generosity of sending me this strikingly beautiful shoe and handbag set. I am a huge fan of Kweder now, and this is exactly the type of fashion staple that I have been searching for for quite some time.

I love fellow women who are changing the world; the Kweder sisters are doing it, and in style, might I add.

You can follow Kweder on social: facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest and instagram! I really enjoy following their accounts for the cool posts and style inspiration.

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off - stay beautiful, fabulous, but above all else cruelty-free!

This blog post was sponsored by Kweder.

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