Friday, September 29, 2017

Palm Done Right

I got this sweet goodie bag in the mail from Palm Done Right and after reading about the good they and the companies they are partnered with are doing, I definitely had to share.

There were so many goodies in this cool reuseable canvas tote, from so many companies that I recognized and that I love, so it was awesome knowing that the palm oil that my favorite brands use is not only harvested using responsible methods, they are also conscious and thoughtful in those ways as well.

Here's something touching on this from the Palm Done Right website and also a link to read more about their story:

"We've all heard about the impacts of palm done wrong in Malaysia and Indonesia. Endangered animals brought to the brink of extinction, primal rain forests destroyed, farmers being driven off their lands, peat fires that cause devastating air pollution throughout the entire region.
Now it's time to hear the other, happier, side of the palm story. A story where animal habitats and rain forests are preserved, where farmers are empowered, where communities thrive and the environment is nurtured.
This is the story of Palm Done Right."

It is just super reassuring to see all that the Palm Done Right organization is doing for preservation, for the farmers and other people involved in this work, and also for all the natural foodies that can now enjoy the amazing health of red palm oil and palm products without contributing to any harm to the environment and rainforests, to animals and their natural habitat, or to the residents living in the areas. The cultivation is doing a lot of good and I love seeing such focus on positivity and nurturing of nature and uplifting this palm farming community, doing it the right way. Bravo!

You can check out Palm Done Right on social media to keep up with what they are doing, including with their brand partners (so many great vegan brands associated with Palm Done Right, and a personal favorite of mine is Nutiva, such yummy stuff!), on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

And big thanks to the folks at Palm Done Right for sending me this generous package of goodies to try and enjoy!

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off - have a sunny day!

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