Monday, January 27, 2014

What's Vegan-New at WholeFoods

I love going into WholeFoods because it feels like vegan Christmas (that you pay an arm and a leg for, but nonetheless vegan Christmas) every time. It feels like there are new vegan products constantly rotating and I love checking out the goods! 

WholeFoods bakery has added some new cakes and has a great selection of house-made vegan cupcakes. Pictured above is the chocolate chip chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting and a pretty glazed strawberry on top. They do a great job with their cupcakes corresponding with seasons and holidays also; I love that! They've done really neat ones for Halloween; this seems to be their Valentine's Day one.

Whole Foods has an awesome vegan dairy selection. Unlike other grocery stores that will carry a few items, you'll find a vegan alternative to any dairy product at Whole Foods. I've seen vegan kefirs, sour creams, cream cheeses, shredded cheeses, Parmesan cheeses, cheese slices, cheese blocks, yogurts, milks, creamers, and ice creams at Whole Foods. Recently we found an amazing almond cheese that is cultured and made just like dairy cheese and located in the artisan cheese section. Please read my full review on this awesome vegan cheese in tomorrow's post. 

Another cool new vegan dairy item I've discovered there is Nancy's Cultured Soy. I tried the vanilla flavored yogurt. My first impression was that I loved the container and plan on washing and re-using it for various things. Initially the soy, brown rice, and maple syrup taste was a little overwhelming, but then once I took a few more bites and got used to it, I actually found it quite delightful! This yogurt is extremely natural and simple with only a few recognizable ingredients. So natural that I gave my baby a try and she loved it! I've been wanting to start her on vegan yogurt and I think this brand is great. Nancy's also has 4 grams of protein per serving, is GMO-free, and is low sodium. I plan on getting more containers of this yogurt to keep on hand for the family. I can't wait to try the other flavors.

So those are a couple new vegan products at WholeFoods. I will be sure to report back again soon! And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. Have a strawberry-glazed-sweet day! 

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