Friday, March 4, 2011

Be an Eco-Diva!

"On matters of style, swim with the current. On matters of principle, stand like a rock". -Thomas Jefferson 

The Dirty Fashion Model!

I am a huge fan of responsible consumerism and the accompanying responsible merchants of conscious goods. If you are looking for a clothing store that offers vegan, sustainable, fair trade, and cool fashions...never fear, Ecolissa is here! I received a sweet blogger discount from Ecolissa, and got right to it! As I browsed through everything, I realized fairly quickly that I wanted it all! Everything was very fabulous and at the same time it looked comfortable as well.

Their chic clothing and accessories are all eco-and-vegan friendly (using eco-friendly and lots of sustainable materials like bamboo!), which is good for the environment, and containing no animal products, which is also good for the environment, and importantly for our animals pals. Ecolissa offers options to shop by material (bamboo, hemp, modal/ tencel, organic cotton, reclaimed materials, sorona corn, or soy), by fair trade items, or by products made in the USA.

I love this outfit I put together, which consists of the following three items:

 Toggery L'WREN Tunic (shirt or dress, depending on how you wear it - made of sustainable rayon of bamboo!)

 Mata Traders Tribal Angel Wing Earrings (fair trade!!!)

Homemade Chunky Infinity Scarf (and yes, that is Shirley biting me in the picture...she is 6 months and teething LOL)

As you can see, even Shirley likes my new Ecolissa duds!

She tried to steal my Angel Wing earrings...

...and she even tried to steal my Infinity Scarf!

What do you think of sustainable products? Does that factor in when you are shopping for clothing and accessories?


  1. I have the Toggery L'Wren Tunic and it is absolutely my most favorite article of clothing these days. Great blog! If you have a chance, come check out my blog, 'Om... And Then Some' at!

  2. Thanks!!! Yours too, I love the cleaning recipes! The L'WREN Tunic is definitely becoming my favorite clothing piece as well, love it :)