Friday, February 4, 2011

Sexiest Cafe in New England...

"Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere." -Mae West

The 'Veggie' wrap at Mirasol's Cafe in Dartmouth, MA - their special hummus with veggies. It's so good!

Where do I even begin? Mirasol's Cafe is one of the hippest cafes that I have been to. If you check out their website, you will find the word sexy being thrown around, but not without just cause. From Mirasol's vegetarian friendly food options, their organic coffee, their vegan milk and vegan friendly beverages, to the cool vibes and music (check out their website - link above - for sample music), I can't say enough positive things about this Latin American influenced cafe. So, of course I had to sneak in and do a review! Dirty Vegan phantom-style!

What I love most about Mirasol's is that I was able to get vegan beverages someplace other than Starbucks! The prices here are great and they are very conscious of vegetarians, organic, and natural options. They are not a full vegetarian restaurant, but offer many options for us veggie folk. Some of the things they offer are the Veggie (pictured above), Sexy Asparagus (ask them to hold the cheese to make it vegan), bagels with your vegan choice of black bean hummus or peanut butter (their website says regular or veggie cream cheese - maybe Tofutti is the veggie one? Will have to ask them next time I go), salads, some soups are vegetarian but the soup varies daily, and lots of yummy beverages that can be made with soy-milk! They feature Jim's Organic Coffees, a variety of teas, smoothies, specialty drinks, and lattes. I love that I can get a vegan latte and a Veggie wrap, and just chill in a relaxing, casual environment. The beverage pictured above with my Veggie, is their Acai Iced Tea; very refreshing and deeeelish! 

I really love that Mirasol's Cafe pays attention to their veggie and natural-foods-seeking customers; it means a lot to us. And I really just love the fact that they say things like " super sexy" and "stud-liest" to describe their offerings. Me likey, likey. And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off.


  1. I just found out after thinking the Asparagus sandwich was vegan after emailing them a year ago that there is sour creme in the avocado spread, I'm so bummed out. But I'm glad the girl asked me why I wanted to hold the cheese.

  2. That is a bummer. I've only had the Veggie, which has their homemade hummus that is vegan and deeelish!