Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm Not a Salad-Ordering Kinda' Gal

"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional." - Chili Davis

The yummy picture you see above, is the Johnny Rockets Streamliner burger with American Fries! This is nothing short of heavenly and delicious! Please read on to find out nutrition info about this meal at JR's, because it is indeed very vegan and very dirty! I mean that in the yummiest way possible...

From the Johnny Rockets website:

"A Note for our Vegetarian Guests
At Johnny Rockets we strive to meet the needs of all of our guests. The Boca Burger patty that we use in our Streamliner is their Original V35 and is manufactured as a vegan product. Our spec hamburger buns should not contain any dairy nor other animal-derived ingredients. Our American fries also should not contain ingredients which are of animal origin and are always cooked in 100% vegetable oil. Beef tallow, or flavorings derived from animal sources, are never intentionally added during the manufacturing or cooking process. However you should be aware that, due to the proximity of the manufacturing equipment to sources of animal protein or oil from animal sources there is the slight, though extremely unlikely, possibility that traces of these unwanted products may be accidentally transferred to our American fries during their production. For this reason, and this reason only, we feel compelled to list beef tallow as a possible (however extremely unlikely) ingredient.
Please be aware that we designate a special area of the grill on which to cook only the Boca Burger, and we do everything in our power to keep the area free from other materials. We also have special color-coded turners and tongs which help to keep cross-contamination to a minimum. However, due to the limited space and tight kitchen layout at Johnny Rockets, we cannot guarantee that there will not be unintentional contact with some small amount of material from an item which is animal in nature.
Almonds, roasted in safflower oil.
Allergens: Tree Nuts

American Fries
Potatoes, vegetable oil (contains one or more of the following: canola oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, palm oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil). Disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate (to promote color retention), dextrose. Product contains 0 trans fat. 
Allergens: Soy"

So, you obviously can tell Johnny Rockets put some thought and effort into researching and accommodating their vegan customers. They use the vegan Boca patties, they use a bun that does not contain dairy or animal derivatives, their oil is 100% vegetable, and these items are grilled and cooked separately from the non-vegan items.

Whether you are in the mall or anywhere that a JR's is located, you don't have to order the salad...unless of coarse you want to. And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. Happy compassionate and Dirty eating!


  1. wow! im very very impressed with Johnny Rockets!

  2. Yes, they've totally done an awesome job with that :)