Monday, February 7, 2011


The contenders:

WholeSoy Key Lime Flavored Soy Yogurt
Weighing in at: 6oz

Silk Live Key Lime Flavored Soy Yogurt
Weighing in at: 6 oz 

Round 1: WholeSoy's pureed Key Lime packs a powerful flavor punch! Silk Live tastes like a slice of Key Lime  pie in a cup!

Round 2: WholeSoy tastes refreshing and tropical, almost like you are on an island (cue the ukulele)! Silk Live has just the right amount of Key Lime flavor, so that its not too tangy and is very enjoyable!

Round 3: WholeSoy keeps you interested with the right amount of Key Lime zip! Silk Live lives up to it's smooth reputation! 


The results are in! Who will be today's winner of the Key-Lime-Vegan-Yogurt-Off?


They are both winners in my book! I usually like to make a decision on which is more pleasing, but in this match, they are both TIED! 

WholeSoy has an amazing fresh and tropical flavor! I love it and it reminds me of a Caribbean island!

Silk Live tastes just like Key Lime pie in a cup! It satisfies every dessert craving, in a healthy way.

I love both brands and for Key Lime flavor, I choose both. So when I am in Whole Foods, I will purchase one of each.

What are your favorite vegan yogurt flavors?


  1. Phew! Well at least WholeSoy made the cut! Glad you are enjoying the new Key Lime yogurt :) If you would like some coupons to use towards your next purchase send us an e-mail: