Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yes, Another Veg-friendly Chain Restaurant!

I'm happy to report yet another vegan friendly restaurant that not only will accommodate us veggie folk, they have vegan dishes on the menu now! No, I'm not kidding you. And yes, I realize this is unusual for chain restaurants, some of which still do not offer a simple veggie burger on their menu. Well, Ruby Tuesday has lots of veggie options. Like what, you ask?

Its not just about the salad bar anymore (which is not too shabby either); you can actually get other things. They make veggie sliders which are like little mini veggie burgers, which are off and on their menu that changes frequently. Right now, they are offering a lot of farm fresh veggie dishes on their menu. They have a lunch and dinner portion of the above picture, which is their Spaghetti Squash marinara (a vegan item on their menu - just be sure to say no fresh cheese on top because some staff may put some on top, although it is not mentioned on the menu, it can happen), that is like pasta but with the strings of squash instead, and has chunks of tomato, green zucchini, and onions in the sauce. It tastes pretty amazing too! They also offer a Veggie Trio dish where you choose three vegetarian sides that are on their menu. In addition to the plethora of produce to choose from in the salad bar, you may also want to start with their salsa, and fresh guacamole chips appetizer. It is portioned like a mini meal (very generous size) and I'm told there is no sour cream or dairy in the guac, which is pretty obvious anyway.

This restaurant is among the best chains for accommodating vegetarian customers. So I definitely recommend it. You may want to call in advance, since they do change their menu items so often, and especially since autumn is approaching. I'm not sure what they will be offering for the upcoming season, but am excited to find out. Ruby Tuesday, please keep the veggie menu items coming - we love it! And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off.


  1. Thanks for posting this! There is a Ruby Tuesday down the street that we never visit. I think it's time to start going.

  2. You're welcome! Yes, you totally should - Ruby T's has really stepped up their veggie-game recently.