Dirty Vegan Foods

100% VEGAN snack foods!


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Please pass it on, spread the word, tell your friends! We offer sinfully delicious vegan sweet treats delivered right to your home! Goodies like...

Winkies: soft marshmallow creme-filled canoe cake

DVF Cupcake: Chocolate cupcake filled with creamy vanilla filling, frosted with rich chocolate, and swirled with a white squiggle on top

Rocky Bites: delicious and addictive chocolate chip cookie bites

Knock Knocks: marshmallow creme filled cakes completely covered in chocolate.

We also make a whole line of Mini Donuts (and are the first and only to make a vegan hemp mini donut!), Whoopie Pies, Blizzard Balls, Roldels, and more!

How yum is that?! You MUST check out the website and see pictures of these. Enjoy!