Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Products I Am Loving

When you are a new mom you need nutritious snacks that are easy, especially if you are a breastfeeding mom because your nutrition is important to your milk supply and energy levels. That's why I wanted to share these newish vegan products that are great on-the-go and fun snacky items that just happen to taste extremely delicious.

Earth Balance has done it again folks! Not only are we hooked on their buttery concoctions, now we are completely addicted to their snacks... And loving it by the way. These cheesy curls, buttery popcorns, and absolutely addicting peanut butter popcorn balls are so darn yummy! I take stuff like this with us in the car to munch on and put the popcorn in little baggies to keep in the diaper bag so that I don't forget to nourish between meals. I can totally see these going into my child's lunch box when she is school age. Great snacks to bring camping, on picnics, to the beach, really anywhere the summer takes you this year. Vegan cheese curls have been longed for, for quite some time now. Bravo, Earth Balance! Glad I had the pleasure to get my hands on these tasty treats. They were delish!

The Clif Bar company has made vegan protein and nutrition bars for a while now. Luna Bars and the mini version have fueled my entire pre-pregnancy and pregnancy (and now my nursing mom needs), and I always love a good Clif Bar, or Blok, or their other vegan products. Right now I'm loving the new Luna Fiber bars! These are 7g of fiber for only around 100 calories! And all of us Ladies who just had babies know the importance of fiber right now to ward off that inevitable constipation that happens after baby arrives. And yes, even if you are vegan and eat all your fruits and veggies, you still get it, it's from hormones, so fiber is amazing right now to help with that situation. The flavor combinations of these bars are awesome. Raspberry and chocolate, peanut butter and strawberry, vanilla and blueberry... Oh my! I love them all and am totally guilty of eating multiple bars in one sitting. Hey, Momma needs her fiber. Ain't no shame in it.

So, have you tried any of these new vegan offerings yet? If not, what are you most excited for?


  1. We have been finding the Earth Balance popcorn here in Asheville at a discount grocery store that specializes in selling expired or almost expired items for 99 cents each. We stock up every time we go thinking we have enough but we always buy more the next time.

  2. OMG I would eat so much of this stuff! I'd buy at least $50 worth each time and justify this by thinking its less costly than a dinner out and way more fun! You are so lucky...