Thursday, February 23, 2012

Questions That I Would Ask Famous People

I meet "famous" people. In fact, tons of well-known vegans at benefits, parties, galas, etc. I say famous in quotations, because I believe famous people are just like you and me...except someone decided to make them "famous" for whatever reason. Sometimes fame comes from talent, sometimes from looks, sometimes from being original or being the first person to do something weird and be eaten up by the public (i.e. the Chocolate Rain guy), and many other reasons. Some may even call me a little "famous" - hey I've been addressed as the Dirty Vegan by people while shopping in Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. People tell me all the time that they read my blog or know me from being co-founder of Dirty Vegan Foods, from being in the newspaper, or in an online article, or someone's blog, or just as a local entrepreneur and socialite who likes to spread veganism, meet people, and network. Therefor I now answer to Dirty Vegan and barely anymore to my name that I was born with (Do you have any idea how funny it is when I make a business call and say I'm calling on behalf of Dirty Vegan Foods and I hear, "hey it's the Dirty Vegan on line 1"?). Now I just go with it, what the heck else can I do? I imagine this sort of thing happened to Carrot Top or maybe even Weird Al. So, I don't get all starstruck when I meet a public figure. I consider myself equal to "famous" people, even though I am on the Z-list. You should consider yourself no lower than a "famous" person - because after all, we are all only human.

So as I was thinking about "famous" people, I thought, boy would I love to meet certain "famous" people, to ask them certain questions. You always hear the question asked, "what celebrity would you want to meet?", or hang out with, or spend a day with, etc. So here are some people I would want to meet, and questions I would ask them...

My Questions For "Famous" People

Alica Silverstone - Who, what, why, and how??? Who do you think you are? What makes you vegan? Why do you wear vintage wool and leather, and eat fish and dairy on "occasion"? And how do you profit off being vegan when you are sometimes a vegan and sometimes not? Girl, I just want to call the Vegan Police on you (like in Scott Pilgrim VS. the World)!

-Recently someone on Twitter called me an "Elitist Vegan" because I drank a fair-trade iced coffee with soy milk from a chain coffee house. Now, can you think of better people to call elitist?
-I actually did meet Alicia at a book signing and told her all that I do in the vegan community and she wrote something nice in my book. She wrote, "thank God for you". So I don't want to bash her, I just want to ask her these questions and most certainly will if I ever canoodle with her again.

Kathy Freeston - How do you figure honey is vegan-friendly? And, are you crazy?

Rachel Bilson - You have such amazing style. Why can't you be a vegan-friendly fashionista and save a whole lotta animals' lives? If you did become vegan I would propose marriage to you. Sorry hubby, its vegan Rachel Bilson! She is basically my girl crush.

Stella McCartney - How did you become some sort of ambassador for veganism when you recently hosted a party and served duck and dairy and your clothing line is also full of silk?? Yes you have vegan pieces and I commend you for it, but why not go all the way and really make a statement?

Woody Harrelson - You are awesome! Just the fact that you wouldn't even take a bite of a Twinkie in Zombieland and they made you an almost inedible vegan substitute for the filming, is just great and makes you such a cool vegan! My question is, why haven't you tried my Winkie yet?!??

So have you ever met a "famous" person before? Yeah, who? And also, what question(s) are you longing to ask your favorite star?

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  1. hehe. this is funny. i wonder many of these things, too. i try not to be all our nothing but i do get concern about the label. i think plant strong and vegan are very different things. Some people are really plant strong and not vegan. I think it's all in intention. Unintentional or unavoidable{by virtue of living} we may participate but if we intend to participate...we are just making excuses. Not a fan of excuses.