Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just In Case You Were Wondering...

Hello Everyone! Just in case you were wondering why I haven't posted anything in a while, it is because me and Mr. Dirty Vegan are expecting our first baby! And we have been busy, busy, busy! Trust me, you don't want any of the recipes of some of the weird vegan concoctions I've been putting together...

However, now that my weird food aversions (who has an aversion to Tofurky "sausage"??!? This girl! Well not anymore, I can finally eat them again) are starting to subside, I can post the yummy things that I have been eating. You don't have to be pregnant to eat like me, just don't feel guilty about it afterwards and you're golden. When I post my prego recipes, I will give you a few options to cut back the calories since not all of my readers are required to eat an additional 300- 400 calories daily (or more, who's watching?).

Keep an eye out for my upcoming posts. They will include tips, tricks, and pictures (hello to the most illegal looking food out there!). I have been enjoying veggie nachos loaded with things like beans, salsa, hummus, guacamole, vegan "sour cream", and LOTS of Daiya cheese. I have also discovered new vegan food finds that are so Dirty you wouldn't believe them. So I will be sharing that stuff too. And I will throw in a few belly shots so you can scope out the adorable bump I've been sporting these days. And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. Hope you have a sun-shining-like-vegan-cupcakes-and-babies-day!


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  2. Hey congrats! I just had my baby in September! How's your family supporting you? Mine gave me hell for continuing my diet. But, I have a healthy, milestone-meeting baby :D

    I'm so excited for you. Please let us know how the pregnancy is going.

  3. Thank you! And congrats to you as well! My family is supportive but that's because I eat healthier than any of them ;0) Keep leading by example, that's the best way. The proof is in the pudding...