Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Path I'm Taking...

Okay, so I just got a generous package of goodies sent to me from Nature's Path (thank you!!!)...and I'm embarrassed to say I've completely wolfed through the entire stash (okay maybe I'm not so embarrassed, I am the Dirty Vegan after-all. Did you expect anything different?). 

I've been a Nature's Path Organic fan for years now. I love a vegan-friendly cereal that has no dairy products or honey in it! Hello, Organic Flax Plus Multi-Bran! Nature's Path makes other vegan-friendly foods as well (bars, waffles, etc.). Here is what I think of the new NP products I've just tried for the first time...

Hemp Plus Granola - I love a granola cereal that is 3/4 cup per serving!!! Calories are good, fat is all healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated, protein is 6g per serving (great for cereal/ granola!), lower sugar, has iron...and I haven't even gotten to the taste! This box only lasted a couple days between my husband and myself. This stuff is ridiculous tasty! What can I say, vegans love their granola, and their hemp...

Crunchy Maple Sunrise cereal (gluten free) - The taste of this cereal is crunchy, fun, and totally reminds me of camping and autumn for some reason. For that, I am hooked on this - my new breakfast staple. It's got potassium (add banana slices and you'll have even more), quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, fiber, whole grains, Omega-3, and other good-for-you ingredients (while tasting like a dessert cereal). And its even gluten free; too cool.

Mesa Sunrise cereal (gluten free) - This cereal is healthy cereal at its finest, and tastes really amazing for something so healthy for you. This cereal will get your metabolism revved up with body fuel like flax, corn, and amaranth. Sodium and sugar are real low in this too, which would make this my go-to cereal the next day after being maybe a little too Naughty (is there even such a thing?).

Trailmix Granola Bars - I'm in love with these bars! Best bar I've ever had! Its not a protein bar, so don't expect that. These are trail mix granola bars. Some have more protein than others. I think this is the perfect snack. Incredibly yummy, not heavy or junky, and the Pumpkin-N-Spice reminds me of camping and autumn - two of my favorite things. 

Any food that reminds me of good times like that is definitely a keeper. Remember, food is very emotional and significant. Food is fuel, keeps you alive, can represent family or friends, can heal, can bring back memories, can bring people together, can comfort, can nourish, can break the ice...and so on. I think Nature's Path Organic nailed it all. Wholesome food that also fits into people's lifestyles. I'm more of a fan than I was before (and before I was a big fan, so now I'm a MEGA FAN!).

I would also like to note that Nature's Path uses a lot of wholesome ingredients such as: ancient grains, hemp, quinoa, buckwheat, flax, and more  - all organic. And I love their eco-packaging, called EnviroBox ("Less Package. More Sustainable") and they also do Eco Pacs for products like Mesa Sunrise! They also are the makers of EnviroKids cereals and snacks (oh, don't pretend you don't eat em' know you do! I do...kid at heart!).

Thank you NP for making awesome products! Keep on keepin' on! And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. Wishing your next meal brings you joy, great memories, smiles, and good health!

The Dirty Vegan Favorite!

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